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A Portfolio is essentially a showcase of all the work you have done as a professional. It is an opportunity to compile your most successful work and display it for potential employers, colleagues, or even just for yourself to see. No matter what industry you are in, a portfolio is handy to have and allows you to easily access and update your most current work. 

A portfolio can be many things. For example, Katy has a website portfolio because she has to have a place for people to view her work as a reporter. Whereas, Delaney, has a hardcover portfolio bound like a book to give out physical copies of her work. While Delaney could have a website portfolio as well, it is not essential like it is for Katy.


There are many free or close to free ways to generate your portfolio. We will walk you through our portfolios to best help you set up your own!  



  1. Go on Canva or use the template below.

  2. Set up a 6 Width X 8 Height page

  3. Edit with a Cover Page, Table Of Contents, and organized pages filled with your work

  4. Download as a PNG

  5. Go to Walgreens Photo online

  6. Find the 6X8 Hardcover photo book

  7. Edit the orientation of your pages

  8. Add to cart and don't forget to look for a coupon before checkout! Delaney typically purchases these for $6 with the right coupon code.​​

Steps for 

Delaney's Portfolio

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