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Alternate NHL Jerseys

**Keep in mind that these are all just sketches of ideas I had. They are not final products!!


The Carolina Hurricanes seem to be one for intricate designs on their jerseys. In their alternate jerseys from this year, they had some squares at the bottom in red, which symbolized the hurricane. I tried to also incorporate something that represented the same idea, without it just being in the logo. The swirls on the top and bottom of the jersey are meant to show the hurricane. I chose to go with the circle logo because it is something that hasn’t been seen before, and it would be fresh to the fans and everyone else. I obviously went with the classic red and dark gray because those are both constantly represented in the Canes jerseys throughout their history of being a team. The only time that the red and dark gray/black were not represented was when the team used the reverse retro jerseys and theirs were themed after the Whalers, meaning that the colors were green and blue.


The New Jersey Devils were HOT this year. Get it, because of the flames on the jersey? Anyways, they beat the Rangers which brought them to the second round of the postseason, but they were sadly eliminated by the Carolina Hurricanes. I had to go with the classic red and black for this jersey because it just represents the Devils so well. If you google any drawn picture of a devil, it would most likely be red and black. Those are just the universal colors for a devil. I thought that the logo was very cool and unique, and would fit right in with everything else going on in the jersey. The devil skating through the D with the hockey stick/pitchfork has never been used before on a jersey for the Devils association. I added the flames onto the jersey because when you think of a devil, that's one of the things you associate it with. This could be a nice addition to the Devils jersey collection that I'm sure all New Jersians would love to see.

Logo/Sean McCarthy

The New York Islanders have a very controversial fanbase. People don’t know whether to respect and love their dedication to the game or to hate it. Long Islanders definitely don’t have the best reputation. They're known as being sassy, upstuck jerks, but are they really that? Islanders fans have been through a lot. With their team not being the best this year in the postseason, the fans need something else to focus on. Coming into the new season with fresh jerseys may take their mind off of all the negatives. I stuck with the classic orange and blue colors, but also added a nice teal that was incorporated into the logo. I did a gradient teal around the jersey so that the jersey overall looked more put together, while also looking different from other jerseys made and used by the team. I was also in love with this logo the second I found it. The lighthouse makes it ten times better than all the other logos the team has used before and I’m pretty sure it would appeal to most of the Islanders fan base.


The NY Rangers usually go for a more simple theme to their jerseys. This jersey follows that theme, while also being unique. The stars on the sleeves keep the USA, red, white and blue theme up and running while also incorporating something new. The logo is something that we have never seen before, and changes things up for the fans. It still has the concept of New York engraved in it by the torch being in between the N and Y. It is similar to the Lady Liberty logo since the torch is a separate part of the Statue of Liberty. This design is overall one of my favorites due to its simplicity and uniqueness.

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