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Aly Clauson: Paving the Way for Women in Sports

Courtesy of Aly Clauson

The world of sports is often considered a male-dominated industry, but some remarkable women are working diligently to challenge and change that narrative. One of these women, Aly Clauson, has found her place as a social media content creator in the sports industry. While her journey has not always been easy, it is a testament to her resilience and determination to pave the way for other women aspiring to work in sports.

Clauson's love for sports began early in life. She describes herself as "the girl who understood and liked sports a little more than others." Growing up with a younger brother deeply immersed in sports, she frequently attended practices and games, absorbing the spirit and passion that defines the sports world. Her involvement as a cheerleader throughout her life further solidified her connection to various sports.

Clauson's interest in working in sports was sparked during her junior year at Temple University, when she received an email about earning a sports media certificate. Although she couldn't graduate with the certificate, it piqued her curiosity and led her to explore opportunities in the sports world.

With a passion for social media and content creation, Clauson set her sights on internships to gain valuable experience and make her mark in the sports industry.

As Clauson was working towards her degree, she spent her time interning with multiple sports teams in her area, including the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Flyers. These experiences provided her with a diverse skill set and a taste of various roles within the sports industry.

Following her graduation from Temple University in 2022, Clauson embarked on her journey with the Philadelphia 76ers as a social media and content fellow. This role marked her introduction to content creation and solidified her decision to pursue a career in the sports industry.

In this role, Clauson was responsible for creating engaging content, following emerging trends, and posting to the Sixers’ four social media sites. She also filmed and edited vertical-short form content for the team’s social media accounts.

One of the most notable things Clauson did during her time with the Sixers was implement tracking systems to measure the performance of her posts. These systems helped put a number to her success.

During her tenure, Clauson’s posts brought in over 34 million views and increased engagements by over 2.2 million. Clauson also posted to the Sixers’ official TikTok account, which had the fastest year-over-year growth out of any platform. She also helped grow the TikTok account’s audience by 43% from August 2022.

Courtesy of Aly Clauson

Clauson's devotion to sports goes beyond her professional pursuits. She is an avid fan of Philadelphia's sports teams. Some of her favorite athletes include: Jalen Hurts, Bryce Harper, Matisse Thybulle, and Jason Kelce. As a passionate supporter of Philly sports, she shares the same enthusiasm as the fans she connects with through her social media content.

Clauson's decision to share her sports journey on TikTok was a pivotal moment in her career. Social media has always held a special place in her heart, and when she noticed other women posting intriguing content about their sports jobs, she found herself inspired to give it a try.

With over 40 thousand followers on her personal TikTok account, Clauson uses her platform to share insights and advice for women looking to have a career in the sports industry through an ongoing video series called "Make it to the League."

The motivation behind this series stems from her own journey into the industry, driven by the lack of visible women creators at the time. Clauson seeks to use her platform to help other women break into the sports industry and pursue their dreams. This series has also provided her with memories she will never forget.

“As someone who has always loved social media, TikTok truly became the platform that helped me find my way in the industry. I saw other women posting cool stuff about their job, and I thought, ‘Hey, why not try it,’” said Clauson. “Being interviewed for different things, speaking to college organizations, doing podcasts, and even being a panel member have all been some core memories for me since I started posting.”

While Clauson has a substantial following on TikTok, she does not believe that has helped her find more opportunities within the industry. Her opportunities have primarily come from her rigorous efforts to apply for positions and navigate the interview process, much like any other candidate.

To secure her roles in the sports industry, Clauson has primarily utilized TeamWork Online and LinkedIn for internships and job applications. She emphasizes the importance of becoming a well-rounded candidate, particularly for social media positions. Beyond her internships, she dedicated her time to honing various skills, including photography, photo and video editing, graphic design, and analytics.

Most recently, Clauson has accepted a position as the social media coordinator for Penn State Athletics, a dream opportunity despite a particularly Courtesy of Aly Clauson

challenging job search.

Throughout her journey in the sports industry, Clauson has been inspired by other female content creators in the industry. Additionally, she has admired the women who worked in social media roles for professional sports teams.

Clauson’s advice to women wanting to work in sports is to make genuine connections with people and to gain as much volunteer experience or internships as you can.

“Make as many real and genuine connections as you can! Reach out to the people you look up to,” said Clauson. “Any volunteer experience or internships are going to be so much more valuable than your major.”

As a woman in the sports industry, Clauson acknowledges the pressures and judgments that often accompany the territory in a male-dominated field. Rather than being deterred, she turns these challenges into motivation, continually pushing herself to excel and grow.

Aly Clauson's journey stands as a beacon of hope for women aspiring to enter the world of sports, proving that passion and perseverance can open doors to a fulfilling and successful career.

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