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Baby, Let the Games Begin

Celebrities dating other celebrities is “Nothing New.” International pop star Taylor Swift rumored to be dating an NFL star, however, is. Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce has been the center of attention as fans speculate he and Swift are seeing each other. Swift has returned to the dating game after a split with longtime boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, and hints are swirling with signs pointing to the eight-time Pro Bowler. Here’s what we know.

Taylor Swift recently concluded the first U.S. leg of her Eras Tour, with two shows in Kansas City—convenient for Travis Kelce. Being a common fad for fans, Kelce made a bracelet for the show he attended. Unlike most, Kelce’s bracelet had his phone number on it in the hope of giving it to the singer. On July 26, Travis recapped his concert on the New Heights podcast he hosts with his brother, Jason. Travis said Swift isn’t able to talk to anyone before or after the shows to rest her voice, but he still “took it personal” that she didn’t want to talk to him. After all, she sings over 40 songs per concert.

Photo courtesy of @taylorswift/Instagram

That was the only buzz that fans had for a while until outlets reported the two “quietly hanging out” together. The Messenger claimed that she and he met up while she was in New York City, where she owns multiple properties. The Kelce brothers recapped their break from football in an August episode of New Heights and Travis made a suspicious remark. Jason asked Travis what he had been doing on their break, and Travis “can’t remember” and he “thinks” he went to New York. Additionally, Travis is known for sporting a mustache during training camp. Interestingly enough, after his trip to New York, he said he wants to keep the mustache around as it’s a good disguise paired with a hat and sunglasses… which is up for interpretation.

Photo courtesy of @kansascitychiefs/Twitter

Since then, Taylor Swift has been a hot topic for even more than just Travis. During a post-game interview with Eagles’ Jason Kelce and Jalen Hurts, probably expecting to go over their victory over the Vikings, analyst Tony Gonzalez wasted no time addressing the rumors. Gonzalez started with how his daughter is a fan of a “certain pop star” and went on to ask Jason about Travis and Taylor, but Jason wouldn’t budge. He did, however, say that Travis is “having fun.”

While those are the hard-hitting arguments, there are plenty of “Easter eggs” that Swifites have attributed to Travis. Taylor Swift was seen in New York City on September 8th, wearing an opal pendant on her necklace, which happens to be Travis’s birthstone. While this could be a coincidence, Taylor is known for being very strategic and a “Mastermind.” Known for being a close friend of Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds also followed Travis after the Kansas City show of The Eras Tour. Even more convincing, Travis sported a John Mayer shirt in a recent podcast episode—Mayer is one of Taylor’s most notable exes. This could have been an attempt to either stir the pot or discredit the rumors, but either way, it got people talking.

Photo courtesy of @wavypeter/Instagram

Fans have been infatuated with Travis’s love life since his dating show Catching Kelce aired for one season in 2016, just as fans are constantly itching for any new information on Taylor’s relationships. The two are both known for their cunning nature, and they’ve built up quite the suspicion of a “Love Story.” Whether or not these rumors have any substance to them, it’s certainly spiced up the football world this season.

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