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Brianne Jenner Hat Trick: PWHL Ottawa Win First Game Back From Worlds

Co-written by Kailey Sauve and Presley Barwick

PWHL Ottawa returned to TD Place Arena Saturday night after the regular season break for

Worlds. It was an electric atmosphere as Ottawa faced Minnesota, who is just above them in the league standings. With an almost sold out crowd in attendance, it was set to be an exciting game as Ottawa fights for a spot in the playoffs.

After the incredible win, PWHL Ottawa Goalie Emerance Maschmeyer, with 35 saves, stated

“As a goaltender, I knew the situation. Minnesota had played a game already so I knew there

might be a little bit of chaos off the bat, but my job is to stay calm and kill plays whenever I could so that’s what I did at the start. I think our team got our feet under themselves shortly after.”

Courtesy of Kailey Sauve

The first period began with both teams going back and forth with scoring opportunities however, Minnesota excelled with shots on net although no goals were scored. Minnesota appeared to come out much more aggressive at the beginning of the first and Ottawa’s Maschmeyer was a key component in this game as she did not allow any goals, regardless of Minnesota’s persistence.

Coming back from the World Championships, Brianne Jenner was a key player in turning this

game around for Ottawa as she scored the first goal of the game at the 17 minute mark. After this goal, Ottawa maintained a fantastic pace and the crowd followed with their enthusiasm. As a crucial player in this Saturday night game, Jenner scored her second goal, assisted by Emily Clark, four minutes into the second period, bringing the game to 2-0. Fans began sharing their thoughts, hoping that Jenner would receive a hat trick.

The excitement of the game continued as Ottawa’s number 21, Ashton Bell, scored at the

11 minute mark of the second period. This now brought the score of the game to 3-0, with Ottawa really taking control of this game. With playoff contention on the line, the pace of this game was looking bright for Ottawa, hoping to add three points to their standing. Rounding off the game with 4:21 left in the third period, Brianne Jenner scored her third goal, receiving a hat trick. Fans erupted and began celebrating by throwing their hats on the ice. Ottawa closed out this game beautifully, beating Minnesota 4-0. This now leaves Ottawa in the fourth spot of the league standings at 30 points, five points behind Minnesota who claims the third spot in league standings.

Courtesy of Kailey Sauve

During the press conference, Head Coach, Carla McLeod, said “We are certainly learning how to compete as a team, manage a game, and those variables that help at this time in the year. Really proud of the group and the effort we put forth today. Always nice to see all of them play as nice as that.”

With another home game right around the corner for Ottawa on Wednesday night, points are

crucial for securing a playoff spot. The team is striving to make the playoffs and knows the work will need to be done to do so.

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