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Content Creators for Baseball Lovers

If you love baseball and find yourself wanting more after your team’s game is over, social media is the way to go.  Here are some content creators to follow on social media if you are itching for more baseball. 

Bat Boys Baseball

Photo courtesy of Brendan Baranov

The Bat Boys consist of two best friends and baseball lovers in their early twenties, Liam and Eric. As the Bat Boys say, they are “showing the best baseball has to offer.” They both interview players in English and Liam also interviews players in Spanish. They started their accounts in 2020 during the covid-19  pandemic posting baseball videos. While watching their videos, you can feel their passion for baseball through your screen. All of their interviews are exciting, they get to ask players fun questions about baseball and other things like who their favorite music artist is or what meals they can cook. In their most recent YouTube videos, Liam and Eric go to both Arizona and Florida spring training. They interviewed players, went to games, and explored the complexes.

Socials: @batboysbaseball on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube


Photo courtesy of Kait Maniscalco

Kait Maniscalco is a 24-year-old who loves baseball and sports. Kait built her brand off of explaining sports to women so they can understand it better, learn, and show off to men. She ended up growing on TikTok and got a job at Overtime. Kait inspires young women and makes them feel comfortable talking about sports, whether they just learned about it from her or have always loved it. Kait was at the All MLB Weekend event in December where she was able to interview players such as Zac Gallen, Adley Rutschman, and many others. Kait asked them fun questions such as who their first jersey was and what kind of pregame rituals they have.

Socials: @askkait on TikTok and Instagram


Photo courtesy of Brendon Baranov

Photographer Brendon Baranov runs bbflicks on Instagram and TikTok. He captures amazing pictures and videos of players. In 2023, he was working with the MLB, but last month he announced that he would be starting a new job with Victus. Brendan takes incredible photos that bring out the beauty of baseball. 

Socials: @bbflicks on Instagram and TikTok


Photo courtesy of  Enjoy The Show

DSARM is run by 21-year-old Dan Sarmiento, who has a passion for both baseball and creating YouTube videos. He does fun videos on YouTube and TikTok like going to 10 MLB games in 24 hours. All of Dan’s social media bios say “Exploring the baseball world.” Dan explores the baseball world and takes his followers along for the ride whether it is, the MLB, college baseball, or meeting with MLB prospects. He always has new fun and exciting videos that can only make your love for baseball grow further. Dan does not do it alone though, Leo Rochman and Tony LaValle are always with him on his baseball adventures. Together the three of them make content for their account Enjoy The Show.

Socials: @DSARM on Youtube and TikTok. @dsarmyt on Instagram

@leo.rochman @etstony @etsbsbl on Instagram

B/R Walk-off 

Photo courtesy of BRwalkoff

B/R Walk-off is a fun TikTok and Instagram account. They post all things baseball on their accounts. On their accounts, you can find things such as baseball game clips, baseball news, crowd moments, and much more. They even recently came out with their own player rankings. B/R Walk-off posts exciting content for baseball fans to watch and keep them excited about the game they love. 

Socials: @brwalkoff on TikTok and Instagram 

Edited by Shaniya Scales

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