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Erin Andrews: From Sportscaster to Style Icon

 As one of the most recognizable women broadcasters in the sports industry, Erin Andrews is able to do it all.

Andrews graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in telecommunications in 2000 and has taken her career to the next level. What started at the University of Florida led her to the sidelines with FOX Sports.

But she’s also shown her designer side by launching her own clothing line in 2019, which has been her lifelong dream. WEAR is a clothing brand that Andrews created with NFL Consumer Products to complement individuals’ personal style, with nine wardrobe staples for all 32 NFL teams.

@wearbyea on Instagram

She said she wanted to pursue her clothing dreams after being diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016. “It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for several years. When you’re faced with scary times in your life, like a health scare, you’re like, ‘You know what? Alright, we’ve beat this — let’s go tackle the stuff you’ve wanted to do for so long,” she shares.

with a focus on empowering women to express their fandom without sacrificing style. The line boasts a variety of pieces that go beyond the typical jerseys and tees. Think chic bomber jackets, comfy lounge sets splashed with team colors and flattering tops with unique details.

While WEAR EA offers something for every fan, there's a clear focus on comfort and versatility.  These are pieces designed to be worn not just at the stadium, but out and about, letting your team spirit shine wherever you go.

The line caters to fans of various sports leagues, with collections for the NFL, NCAA, NBA, NHL, and MLB. This lets fans personalize their WEAR EA experience, repping their favorite teams in style.

@wearbyea on Instagram

Erin Andrews is heavily involved in the design process, ensuring the collection reflects her own style.  She wants WEAR EA to be a destination for women who crave both fashion and fandom.

So, ditch the oversized jerseys and embrace a new era of fan fashion. With WEAR EA, you can cheer on your team while feeling confident and stylish. After all, as Erin Andrews herself says, "There's no reason you can't be comfortable and cute at the same time."

@wearbyea on Instagram

Edited by Ashly Roman 

Social Media Content by Reagan Hackett

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