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Formula 1 to Pave the Way for Female Drivers

Formula 1 recently announced the addition of the new Formula 1 Academy. The new academy will be an all-female driver series launching in the 2023 season. The new Formula 1 Academy will develop and prepare female drivers to compete in higher levels such as the W series, Formula 1 (F1), Formula 2 (F2), and Formula 3 (F3).

The academy will consist of five teams that will be run by current F2 and F3 teams. Each team will enter three cars to include 15 drivers on the grid. To kick off the first season of the new academy, there will be a total of seven events, which will include one F1 race weekend. Each event will include three races for a total of 21 races. The season will also include 15 days of official testing for the teams and drivers.

The Formula 1 Academy will be managed by Bruno Michel, the CEO of Formula Motorsport Limited. The drivers’ budget will be capped at 150,000 euros and F1 will contribute 2.25 million euros, which will provide 150,000 euros for each of the cars; the teams will be covering the rest of the budget. As for the car, the drivers will have a standardized chassis, a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, 165 horsepower, and 13-inch Pirelli tires.

With the academy in effect, it will give women the opportunity to reach the highest level in motorsports. This will also allow younger female drivers, who are currently in go-karting or in any junior categories, access to the level of experience needed before entering F3 and the pyramid to F1.

F1 will continue to provide the W Series, which is a platform that began in 2018 to provide women with equal opportunities. The W Series eliminates the financial barriers that have prevented female drivers from advancing to other platforms in motorsports.

The pyramid to F1 will have the drivers begin in the F1 Academy and move on to F3. Once they have competed in F3, drivers will move on to F2 and later race in F1.

When it comes to women in motorsports, they typically do not have the same experience as their male counterparts; F1 explains that the academy will allow female drivers to receive the same opportunities as male drivers. According to an article by F1, the goal of the academy will give female drivers access to more track time for racing and testing, along with the ability to work with professional teams to help develop crucial technical, physical and mental preparation skills. This new academy will ensure that female drivers are able to have the best opportunities to reach F3 and continue to progress.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to follow their dreams and achieve their potential and Formula 1 wants to ensure we are doing everything we can to create greater diversity and routes into this incredible sport,” Formula 1 President and CEO Stefano Domenicali told F1.

All information about the F1 Academy courtesy of F1,

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