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Galluping for His Comeback

Courtesy of Todd Brock

A crucial comeback for the upcoming season for Cowboys wide receiver Michael Gallup.

The sun was shining through AT&T stadium, the grass was as green as it could be. No doubt one of my favorite things about the field.

I remember it the moment that it happened. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott going deep for wide receiver Michael Gallup, a play that was common with the two. Nearing the end of the second quarter, the cowboys were determined to put points up on the board after being down 10 to nothing to the Cardinals.

Prescott threw the ball, making its way down the field. The ball landed in Gallup’s’s hands, him making a jump catch. He comes down with it, landing on his back, one knee curled up to his chest. He drops the football to his side, clutching his knee.

My cheers of celebration soon come to a halt, seeing my favorite NFL player on the ground, clutching his knee, not getting up. My heart drops to my stomach, suddenly nothing around me matters, everything around me is a blur, and the only thing I can focus on is if Gallup gets back up.

He is later helped off the field, somewhat walking on his own. Throughout the rest of the game, my mind races with millions of thoughts. Would he be okay? Would we resign him? This was his second injury in the same season, what if he’s cut?

So many questions and so little answers.

I later found out that day that the wide receiver had torn his ACL. A huge injury in football that hurts players very bad in their career. Sometimes it’s the reason a player won’t be signed to another team.

Gallup tearing his ACL during the 2021-22 NFl season was his second injury, however this one would set him on the sidelines for good until next season. He suffered a calf injury against The Tampa Bay Buccaneers earlier in the season, which set him out for a few weeks of the season. Now he was back in the same boat, but with a much more severe injury, and one that could determine whether or not he stayed on the team.

Gallup’s road to recovery was tough and long. However, he made his 2022-23 season debut against The Washington Commanders, going for a touchdown as his “welcome back” moment. Gallup continued on in the season to have a few more good games, but remained quiet for most of the season. He ran for a total of 424 yards and four touchdowns.

Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Prior to returning to the field and during recovery, The Cowboys re-signed Gallup to a 5-year deal, $12 million guaranteed per year. A decision that made many fans happy at first, seeing that he is an elite part of the offense. But after Gallup came back and was quieter than expected, the decision to resign him was questionable. After one season being cut short due to injuries, and the next one being quiet because of recovery and those same injuries, it now seems crucial that he is able to make a comeback to the 2023-24 season. If not, Gallup’s time in Dallas could be over.

This season will no doubt be one of the most important for him, if not the most important.

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