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Gameday Outfits for Baseball

As the 2024 MLB season gets started, so is the gameday outfit planning. Here are some outfit ideas for baseball games depending on the location or weather of the game.

If you’re attending a game in New York City, Boston, or anywhere else up north, you will probably have to layer for the beginning of the season. Here are two outfits to help keep you warm.

Pair your team’s jersey with a warm solid color sweatshirt. If it's really cold where you are, consider adding a long-sleeved shirt under your sweatshirt for extra warmth! Throw on your favorite jeans with some cute, comfy sneakers, add in your favorite purse, and you are ready to head to the stadium!

This is a fun look that will also keep you warm. Put on a sweatshirt from your favorite team with some jeans. For a jacket wear a leather jacket or a windbreaker. If it is still really cold where you are attending a game you can wear a heavier jacket. For shoes, Converse would be adorable but any sneaker will do! If you are adding a purse to your look you can match it with the color of your sweatshirt. If you do not have one that matches, you can never go wrong with a black purse!

If you are in the southwest region, you will definitely want to dress a little lighter.

This outfit is super cute and comfy! Pair a bodysuit/romper with a jersey or wear it with a baseball cap for a simple, sporty look. Add some sunglasses and a purse to elevate your look. A fanny pack would be a good accessory for this look. It will add to that sporty aspect of it.

Another outfit for some warm weather if you are somewhere like Florida or Texas.

This is a perfect outfit for summer! Wear a plain tank top with a jean shirt for your base layer. Then over that, wear your team’s jersey unbuttoned. Add some accessories such as a purse, some sunglasses, and even some jewelry. You will definitely want to take gameday pictures in this outfit!

Next is an outfit for when the weather is starting to get warm but you still want to be comfy.

This is a nice and simple outfit. Throw on a fun graphic tee of your favorite player with some biker shorts. Add a fun pair of sneakers that matches your shirt or your team’s color for an extra pop of color. For a purse, you can match it to your shirt and shoes. If it is a night game, you can add in a windbreaker or a light jacket in case it gets a little chilly.

Edited by Shaniya Scales

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