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Klay Thompson: An Ultimate Score

Courtesy of Fadeaway World

Klay Thompson is the starting shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors. Thompson was born on February 8, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. Thompson’s father was also a NBA player, and he was actually the first overall pick the year he was drafted into the league. His father won two NBA championships and was a member of three NBA teams. But unlike his father, he was not the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft; he was picked by the Golden State Warriors with the eleventh overall pick. Thompson had been drafted by a team that already had a soon-to-be star and face for the NBA, Stephen Curry. People did not know if the two would be able to share the floor together each night because they both wanted to be the person who scores all of the points.

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The duo of Curry and Thompson ended up changing the way that teams in the NBA build their teams. The teams in the NBA saw that having two guards that could shoot the ball from any distance would help them score points at a higher rate and make the defenses go farther away from the basket. The Golden State Warriors brought the entertainment factor back to the NBA by having both Curry and Thompson on their team. 

Klay Thompson is known to be able to hit 3-pointers from any range and be consistent with how many he can make in a short period of time. In one game six years ago, Thompson scored sixty points while only dribbling the ball eleven times. This game was against the Indiana Pacers, and with the points that Thompson contributed, the Warriors were able to win the game 142-106. Thompson has had many other games where he was scoring baskets at a high rate and accuracy. 

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Thompson had a setback in his career when he tore his ACL on June 13, 2019. He tore his ACL during game six of the 2019 NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. Even though he had this setback, it did not stop him from rehabbing and getting his knee ready for the next season. Little did Thompson know that he would not return for the following season because of a torn Achilles that he sustained on November 18th, 2020, because he was playing in a pick-up basketball game.

Thompson finally returned to playing basketball on January 9, 2022, in a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. In this game, Thompson scored 17 points, and it resulted in the Warriors winning the game against the Cavaliers.  

Klay Thompson was always seen as the little brother to Stephen Curry, but over the years of being in the NBA, he has proven that he is a great basketball player. Thompson has even won the 2016 NBA All-Star 3-point contest and that showed several people that he was a shooter that could win under pressure. Klay Thompson will be in the NBA for a couple more years, and in that time he will continue to help lead his team to more NBA championships.

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