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LSU Wins it All, What Does This Mean for Dylan Crews?

Courtesy of LSUsportsnet

Dylan Crews, Outfielder for the LSU Tigers just won his first National Championship, but what does this mean for the No.2 Draft Prospect?

Dylan Crews stayed hot the entire season, with his stats ending with a .426 BA , .567 OBP, and Slugging.713.

2023 Scouting Reports:






As we all know, Crews withdrew from the 2020 MLB Draft as he felt like he had a bright future with LSU and decided to commit there, which turned out to be the perfect plan for him. Many teammates knew how hardworking crews was and realized how much work and dedication he put into Baseball even at a young age. “Honestly, everything about him is just big league,” said Paul Skenes, the LSU ace who is also a candidate to go first overall in the Draft. “That dude, whether he knows it or not or tries to or not, is a leader. He brings people up with him every single day, which is awesome to have as a teammate.”

With Crews only being a junior in college he has accomplished quite a lot in an LSU uniform.

With some of his accomplishments being, leading the Southeastern Conference with 163 total bases, set a record as a freshman with 18 home runs and in that same year earned National Freshman of the year in 2021, repeated as SEC player of the year while batting .426/.567/.713 and tying for the NCAA Division I lead with 71 walks.

Did Crews create the right path for himself? It is safe to say that he’s off to an excellent start with LSU with so much more left to accomplish.

Withdrawing from the 2020 draft only gave him more time to improve. Including making better contact, showing more speed compared to last year, improving in the outfield and possibly showing the ability to stick in centerfield at the Big League Level.

Courtesy of LSUsportsnet

Crews has a bigger meaning behind his hard decision as many of his peers made furthering your education something to be ashamed of."At that time I felt like I wasn't the best player leading up to the Draft," he said. "I felt like there was still a lot to improve, and here at LSU they had all the resources that I need. So I just trusted my gut."

“There was a lot of, like, just if you go to school, it was like a bad thing or something like that. So to make that decision as a young kid like that and to be able to go to school — this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to go to school. And I wanted to experience this and bring a national championship to LSU,”he said.

Crews wasn’t ready for all the pressure coming straight out of High School, not fully comfortable in his form but also wanted the experience LSU had to give him. Which worked out perfectly as he’s been developing more and more as the days go by and Is ready to play at the Big League Level some might say.

“So if I had to give any advice, it’s go to school, really. Experience this. Don’t miss out on these three years. Just develop as a player, physically and mentally for the next level and everything will take care of itself,” Said Crews.

Now, there has been speculation about how the 2023 Draft will go.He recently showed very little excitement when potentially being drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Crews is expected to ask for more money than what the Pirates are willing to give him. Given the statement, Pirates will most likely roll with Paul Skenes, a RHP, No.1 Draft Prospect. “He has even moved ahead of Crews on a handful of draft boards. He throws 103 with regularity, and looks like the best pitching prospect to enter the draft since Gerrit Cole or Stephen Strasburg.” Some might even say Skenes is the real deal and The Pittsburgh Pirates shouldn’t stress Dylan Crews as much.

So, where do we see superstar Outfielder Dylan Crews playing in the future? Who will be the No.1 pick?

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