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Major League Baseball Parks: Reviewing The 7 I Have Been To

By: Mallory Morrow

Edited By: Kylie Augis

From the moment I started watching baseball more frequently, I decided I wanted to see a game in all 30 Major League Baseball parks. Growing up I attended Atlanta Braves games at Turner Field, but since 2017 the Braves have played at Truist Park in which I have traveled to see several games played there. It is interesting to see how MLB parks have evolved with new ones being built while also appreciating the classic parks. Over the past few MLB seasons I have made it to seven of the current parks and this is how I feel about them.

Busch Stadium

Starting off strong with Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals. My favorite thing about this park is hands down the scenery surrounding it. It has an incredible view of the Gateway Arch and tall downtown buildings. Busch Stadium is an electric venue and it was super fun to watch a game there.

Chase Field

The latest new park I have visited in my journey is Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. However, I did not see the Diamondbacks play and instead attended a game of the 2023 World Baseball Classic. It was a cool experience and I always love when stadiums have a retractable roof. I look forward to going back to Chase Field in the near future to watch the Diamondbacks actually play.

Citizens Bank Park

Next up is Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies. A great ballpark in arguably one of the most passionate sports cities. If you can handle the harsh Phillies fans as a fan of the away team, I recommend going to a game here. Being a Braves fan I will say they were brutal and I do not think I will go back to Citizens Bank Park.

Fenway Park

The classic Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, is the oldest MLB park. There are so many historical elements that go into making this park what it is including the iconic Green Monster (the left field wall). It was truly incredible to watch a game in Fenway and it is a must see ballpark for avid baseball fans.

Great American Ballpark

Overlooking the Ohio River is the Great American Ballpark, home of the Cincinnati Reds. Another park with beautiful views and a great atmosphere for fans. With the current season the young Reds team is having, I highly suggest catching a game at Great American Ballpark this season.

LoanDepot Park

One park that I used to feel was severely underrated when I visited in 2017 is LoanDepot Park, home of the Miami Marlins. Now that some of my favorite parts of the park like the pool and unique outfield sculpture have been removed, I no longer feel that it is underrated. Even with one of the lowest attendances in the MLB, it was still enjoyable to watch a game at LoanDepot Park especially with the retractable roof.

Truist Park

Last but certainly not least is Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves. It has one the best fan environments not only inside the park but also right outside of the park. The park is always filled with loud fans and outside of the park is The Battery which is filled with shops and restaurants. I may be biased but Truist Park is definitely my favorite MLB park.

Overall, I have liked every park I have been to and appreciate different things about each one. I looked forward to the rest of my journey by making it to the other 23 parks in the near future.

All Photos Courtesy of Mallory Morrow

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