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Minnesota Wild Hosts Annual 'Hockey Without Limits' Day

Through the partnership with the Minnesota Foundation, former Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba created a Hockey Without Limits Day, intended to bring diversity and inclusivity to hockey for kids of all backgrounds.

Dumba, an original member of the Hockey Diversity Alliance, founded the organization along with seven other players of color. In his efforts to make children of all backgrounds feel included, Dumba took the initiative to create this project with the team during his time there. Since he is no longer on the team, Dumba has handed the reins over to Connor Dewar and Brandon Duhaime.

Courtesy of Minnesota Wild

On February 20th, the fourth annual Hockey Without Limits Day was held. Nearly 300 youth hockey players from organizations of all backgrounds attended including Sled Hockey, Blind Hockey, Deaf/Hard of Hearing Hockey, and the Minneapolis/St. Paul Starwhals. Wild forward Connor Dewar is excited to take the reins saying, “This is about kids just enjoying hockey. It’s not just about playing in the NHL one day. A lot of people who play hockey can only do it to a certain point, but it’s about making good relationships and friendships. That’s what this is all about.”

In the event's first season, the turn out consisted of 100 players in attendance. Since then, this event has seen steady growth, with this year being the largest turnout since its beginning. Dumba’s impact to this organization has remained important, even though he is not on the team anymore.

Courtesy of Minnesota Wild

In launching this organization, Dumba has been very vocal about how much this impacts youth hockey. To be able to invite kids of all different backgrounds creates a sense of safety and comfortability for them to express themselves. In allowing Dewar and Duhaime to take over, Duhaime says that the decision to take over was a no brainer. “(Dumba) didn’t have to say much, he just kind of asked us and we jumped at the opportunity. Anytime you can get out here and give back to the community like this, it’s awesome.”

For both these players, being able to give back to their community is special. Doing something for a good cause and allowing everyone to be involved, no matter their background is something that should be done more often.

Hockey Without Limits Day is way more than just going outside to play a game of pond hockey. For the players and the children, coming together and being able to do something that everyone enjoys, while giving back to the community is what it is all about. The children get to spend a day with professional players, who advocate for what the true meaning of this day is all about. The event showcased children of all backgrounds, and showed that the game of hockey has many complex layers, but above all strives to make sure they feel included, and feel as though they truly can play the game of hockey without limits.

Courtesy of Wayne Petersen

Edited by: Jessi Dworkin

Social Media Content Created by: Audrey Pearsall

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