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My Top 10 NHL Retro Reverse Jerseys

At the beginning of the 2022-23 season the NHL teased us with some sort of throwback jersey that all of the teams will be wearing this season. For a handful of games we were taking back to the 90’s with throwback themed games. I was fortunate to be able to go to a couple of games last season and they were a blast. Let's take a look at my top ten retro reverse jerseys from last season.


10. Colorado Avalanche

Let's start down the countdown shall we? I chose this one because even though it was simple to me I still loved the color scheme and the bold colors against the ice. This jersey has an array of colors of yellow, navy, white, and red which is the opposite of the original jerseys.


9. Columbus Blue Jackets

The blue jackets really said “make it blue” with this jersey. They went with a jersey with a black front with the teams logo and on the sides they have the blue that we all know and also on the sides they have stars on the sleeves. Personally, what would have happened is instead of the new logo, I would have added the canon logo to the front for that retro look.


8. Nashville Predators

The jerseys for the Predators this year were the same but enhanced. They had the classic yellow which is all over the place in Nashville. But the front logo of the jersey was amazing. It looked kind of holographic when you see it up close. The stripes at the bottom add a retro element that brought the whole jersey together.


7. Boston Bruins

The Bruins went wild with their realtor jersey. They went with a classic bear on the front with the normal yellow, black, and brown. But what is cool about the bear is the shading with the stitching on the jersey. And if you are a captain or alternating one the letters are black with a yellow outline on the jersey.


6. Florida Panthers

The Panthers jersey you can tell is made for the Floridians. With Florida representing bright colors this jersey is really giving Florida man. Not only are the colors matching to the theme, they also on the front have a palm tree and a hockey stick too. In the center of the jersey has a giant sun to represent the sunshine state proudly.


5. Anaheim Ducks

In a previous blog post I talked about how the Ducks are bringing back the classic duck mask for this season, the retro jersey was a sneak peak for what was coming. This jersey mixes a bit of past and present with the franchise. They have that bright orange to represent Orange County with the duck mask to attract the Mighty Ducks fans.


4. New York Islanders

The Islanders had an awesome jersey this season for the retros this season. They have the go-to blue and orange colors on the jersey and on the front of the jersey they have of course, a fisherman. They would have a special pregame show with the character during these games too. But do not worry Isles Nation, these jerseys are not going anywhere over the break they announced that these will become an alternating jersey and they are here to say.


3. Washington Capitals

The Capitals jersey is giving “My pronouns are USA.” With them being set in Washington DC they are very patriotic. These jerseys have a bald eagle on the front with stars on them. With the team's name on the bottom along with some stars on the pants to bring the look together. Not to mention Ovechkin is really rocking the look with those yellow shoelaces.


2. Vancouver Canucks

When they first mentioned that they were introducing the retro looks the first team that I saw was the Canucks. It is a gorgeous blue and green look with of course Johnny Canuck on the front. He was the person who of course gave the team their name. This rounds out the number two spot in the countdown.


1. Tampa Bay Lightning

As someone who was born and raised in Tampa I had a definite answer for my number one spot. They have the lighting blue and silver that matches with some black in the jersey. They have some lighting bolts on the sleeves which fits perfectly with the team's logo. They also went with the classic logo and not the newer one. Also we are based out of Florida so the waves add a nice touch to the jersey. Shoutout to the marketing team because every time there was a retro game they would post one of our players in the jersey on an old hockey trading card.


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