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NHL Game Day Gear: A Guide to the Best Game Day Pieces - Featuring Stick Tap Designs

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Setting the Scene

As women in sports, we love the game, but we also love our game day fits. However, sometimes a jersey or a team hoodie just isn’t enough. That’s why accessorizing is key!

The small business Stick Tap Designs (@sticktapdesigns on Instagram) created by Elizabeth Frank (@its.elizabelle on Instagram) makes stylish and chic NHL gameday-inspired accessories. From purses and handbags to shoes, Stick Tap Designs is the perfect place to shop for game day pieces, and this blog is the ultimate guide on how to acessorise them! We’ll layout the most popular pieces from Stick Tap Designs, and exactly how to get them.

The Little Things

Courtesy of Stick Tap Designs (@sticktapdesigns on Instagram)

When building our perfect game day outfit, sometimes all we need is something small. Stick Tap Designs’ earrings are just that!

Earrings not only draw attention to your facial features but also complement your outfit and personal style. They are one of the simplest and most versatile accessories that can add an instant touch of glamor to your look. And, these earrings are cute and customizable to your team!

These 3 Florida Panthers designs are available on Stick Tap Designs’ Instagram store. The top “Florida Panthers Inspired Earrings” sell for $35, the middle “Florida Panthers Reverse Retro Inspired Earrings” sell for $35, and the bottom “Stanley Cup Finals Florida Panthers Inspired Earrings” sell for $45.

These designs are able to be bought straight from Instagram, and take note, Elizabeth from Stick Tap Designs takes custom orders! A quick DM to @sticktapdesigns on Insta can get you the cutest NHL team inspired accessories, gifts, and keepsakes!

The Perfect Place for All Your Game Day Essentials

Courtesy of Stick Tap Designs (@sticktapdesigns on Instagram)

There are so many necessities for game day: lip gloss, credit cards, a cell phone, hand sanitizer, etc. But, the greatest necessity of all is a place to keep them!

These bags are just a couple ideas for custom purse orders that Stick Tap Designs puts out. From beautiful leather material bags and completely customizable designs, you can make your go-to game day bag yours!

Whether it be alternate logos or differing colors, a quick DM to their instagram can complete a customizable order for your handbag or purse. . Stick Tap Designs has done countless custom orders, even for notable names such as Tasha Stephenson, wife of the 2023 Stanley Cup Champion Teams Foward, Chandler Stephensen.

These bags are the cutest accessory to add to your game day fit, making it practical and chic, and even your own!

Shoe Game = Strong

Courtesy of Stick Tap Designs (@sticktapdesigns on Instagram)

What’s an outfit without an awesome pair of shoes?! They truly are not only the most practical article of clothing you can wear, but also a way to add an extra pop of your true self to an outfit.

These custom shoes from Stick Tap Designs are perfect for any game day outfit. Whether it be as a gift, commemorating a big game, or just an everyday staple, Elizabeth’s designs (and availability to do custom designs!) are perfect for a game day fit.

Once again, with just one DM to @sticktapdesigns on Instagram, you can set up your own custom order with Elizabeth!

On your next game day…

…wear Stick Tap Designs! They have the best accessories for any game day outfit, and make every outfit and piece you wear your own.

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