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NHL Opening Week Recap

The 2023-2024 NHL regular season started last week on October 10th. In the last 10 days, there have been a lot of surprises, great plays on the ice, and a ton of players dressed to impress.

Surprises in the Standings

Since the season has just begun, the standings are nowhere near set in stone. At the time this article has been written, most teams have only played three games, leaving 79 more regular season games. There’s still a ton of hockey to be played, so fans shouldn’t be freaking out yet.

Some of the biggest surprises so far are…

  • The Seattle Kraken, who made it to the second round in last year’s playoffs, are currently in last place in the league with 3 losses and 1 overtime loss (4 games played).

  • Between the two games these teams have played together, the Vancouver Canucks outscored the Edmonton Oilers 12 to 4. Vancouver missed the playoffs and placed 22nd in the league last year. The Edmonton Oilers made it to the second round of the playoffs and placed 6th in the league.

Photo Courtesy of @canucks on Instagram

Killer Plays on the Ice

Photo Courtesy of @njdevils on Instagram

In only three games, a ton of players are already making killer plays. From incredible goalie saves to fast skating and incredible puck handling.

A few highlights so far are…

  • Jack Hughes makes a goal from what seems like an impossible angle on the New Jersey Devils’ season opener against the Detroit Red Wings.

  • Marc-Andre Fleury, goalie for the Wild, did a windmill roll on the ice to keep the puck out of the goal at the Minnesota Wild vs Montreal Canadiens game.

  • Sonny Milano and Matthew Phillps were an absolute duo on the ice for the Washington Capitals, giving Phillps the perfect opening to score his first NHL goal.

Dressed to Impressed

NHL players don’t have the same gameday fashion leniency that other sports have, they carry the reputation of wearing suits on game day and it's been this way since 1995. While it’s hard to get creative with suits, some players still manage to show off individually with their suits.

Arber Xhekaj, the 22-year-old defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens, showed up on game day with an airpod in, Starbucks in hand, and wearing a suit well fitted for his team. Xhekaj was wearing a shiny red and navy blue striped suit, paired with a white button-up shirt, black vest, and black tie.

Photo Courtesy of @canadiensmtl on Instagram

Ryan Reaves, the 36-year-old right winger for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and Martin Nečas, the 24-year-old center for the Carolina Hurricanes both took a similar direction in their game-day outfits. The two of them were photographed in simple, yet colorful attire. Reaves was wearing a shiny metallic-like green suit set paired with a simple white button-up and Louis Vuitton belt. Nečas was wearing a dusty pink suit set, paired with a simple white button-up and clean white shoes.

Photos Courtesy of @mapleleafs and @canes on Instagram

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