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Ranking the New NWSL 2024-2025 Kits

With the start of the new NWSL season, Nike and the NWSL have launched a rebranding for all of the teams’ jerseys. I'm going to rank the 14 NWSL teams' home jerseys from the best to the worst.

#1: San Diego Wave FC

Courtesy of NWSL Shop

My favorite jersey is the San Diego Wave jersey because of the graphics and color scheme. I enjoy watching the sunset in my spare time, and seeing it portrayed on a jersey is a cute and meaningful design for San Diego. The vibrant turquoise, orange, and pink captured my attention right away, and the sunsets depicted on the jersey make it extremely colorful and appealing to look at. If I played for the Wave, I would be thrilled to wear this stunning top on game days.

#2: Chicago Red Stars

Courtesy of NWSL Shop

The second-best jersey is the Chicago Red Stars home jersey. My second favorite color is light blue, which is why it ranks second on the list. The light blue has a lovely, eye-catching appearance. The jersey has a stunningly detailed appearance due to the nine different stripe patterns that radiate from the center of the lake-blue shirt. The blue contrasts visually with the red star on the patch and the red lining of each sleeve.

#3: Orlando Pride

Courtesy of Nike

The Orlando Pride jersey comes in third place due to its stunning, never-before-seen color scheme. I love the modern take on the orange grove, with oranges and icy greens. All of the hues are light and pastel in appearance, and they complement each other smoothly. It makes me want to go to Florida and relax on the beach in the sun.

#4: Kansas City Current

Courtesy of Kansas City Current Shop

The vibrant red makes a strong statement for the Kansas City Current. The color dominates the uniform, making the athletes stand out, and the bold hue commands attention. Red is always a fun, eye-catching color to wear. 

#5: Racing Louisville FC

Courtesy of NWSL Shop

The lavender diamond design is both unique and elegant on a jersey, and the colors are softened compared to other bold designs. I wish the purple was more pigmented, but I believe the diamond shapes make the uniform distinctive to the club and showcase a pattern that is unlike most jerseys.

#6: Portland Thorns FC

Courtesy of NWSL Shop

The Portland Thorns’ outfits highlight their club's name nicely. I like the geometric thorn-shaped elements all around the uniform to represent the "thorns." The shade of red selected for the uniform is not as bright and strong as the Kansas City Current, but it complements the yellow highlights perfectly to give off a fiery appearance.

#7: NJ/NY Gotham FC

Courtesy of Nike

I'm obsessed with using icy blue to represent the Statue of Liberty and have it contrast with black on the home uniforms. It makes the shirt look crisp and vivid, and the large diagonal sash creates two triangles that represent fans in both New York and New Jersey. It’s an ode to the location of Gotham’s home games, and it gives the jersey a modern feel. The shading and bright tone of the icy blue in the two portions of the jersey mixes with the black color, making it easy to identify. 

#8: Angel City FC

Courtesy of NWSL Shop

The Angel City home kit is ranked next because, despite the lack of vivid colors, the black color is dashing and eye-catching. It makes the athletes wearing the jerseys appear intimidating, and it radiates a sense of professionalism. I like how the jersey has numerous wing designs, signifying the city of angels.

#9: North Carolina Courage

Courtesy of North Carolina FC Shop

The North Carolina Courage is up next. While their jersey isn't at the top of my rankings, the retro triangles and bright colors make for a compelling style. I adore the red and blue contrast, but it’s not my favorite color combo.

#10: Houston Dash

Courtesy of NIke

Because of its bright, plain design, this vibrant orange color ranks near the bottom of the rankings. Orange isn't my favorite color, and when it’s outlined in black it reminds me of Halloween, which isn't one of my favorite holidays. This shirt stands out from the rest of the rankings due to its sunny and lively colors. 

#11: Seattle Reign FC

Courtesy of NWSL Shop

This jersey is simply a navy background with no particular features or graphics to make it stand out instantly. I do like the two golden stripes on each sleeve; they help the shirt stand out a bit and add a sense of strength and power when the players wear it on the field, welcoming in their golden period and continuing the club's solid legacy. 

#12: Utah Royals

Courtesy of NWSL Shop

I personally don't like this golden sunshine yellow, and I also don't like wearing the color yellow because it’s not my style. Although I understand that it’s a bright color, I’m not the biggest fan of the shade, especially because it covers the entire jersey. While the royal blue lettering and sleeve lining are pleasing, they don’t go very well with the yellow.

#13: Bay FC

Courtesy of NWSL Shop

This Bay FC shirt is second to last in my rankings since it’s overly simplistic and lacks dimension. It’s important that they build a name for themselves in their first NWSL season, but I wish they had a more vibrant color that would bring a fresh approach to their uniform style.

#14: Washington Spirit

Courtesy of Nike

Finally, the Washington Spirit is ranked last out of 14 teams with a complicated, dark uniform. The gray and black stripes going in different directions lack style and are difficult to follow, making the jersey hard on the eyes. Even trying on the jersey wouldn’t boost it higher in the rankings, and fans may be reluctant to purchase jerseys because of the lack of intriguing elements.

Here are my rankings for the NWSL 2024-25 uniforms. My favorite team was San Diego FC, while my least favorite was the Washington Spirit. Although this is my ranking, you may have had a different opinion on the uniforms. What are your ratings for the new home kits? Do you agree or disagree with my rankings, and if so, how would you rank them? 

With the NWSL season underway, I'm looking forward to seeing the teams in their new outfits on the field! 

Edited by: Emma Habel

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