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Sanders Changing The World Of College Football

Courtesy of Ron Jenkins

Deion Sanders took over as head coach for the University of Colorado Boulder’s football team back in 2022. Previously he was with Jackson State for three seasons. During his time there he coached the team to two consecutive Southwestern Athletic Conference titles. Also during his time spent with Jackson State, he was named SWAC coach of the year two times. Last season Colorado Boulder went 1-11 which is vastly different from Jackson State’s record of 12-0 in the 22-23 season.

Courtesy of Cliff Grassmick

When Sanders first got to Colorado, he took advantage of the unrestrictive transfer rules to overhaul his new roster. He even encouraged holdover players to enter the transfer portal. There were mixed feelings about this plan, many said that the portal wasn’t meant to be. Sanders brought in 86 new players for the roster turnover, with a total of 53 transfers. There are only 10 scholarship players that remain from the previous year. Sanders himself admitted it was a big overhaul, but did say that he believed it needed to be done. As previously stated not a lot of people agree with his approach, but it is hard to argue with his logic, because so far this season Colorado has won both games they’ve played, including one against TCU who was ranked second overall last season.

Courtesy of Cliff Grassmick

Though on the flip side, many agree that he has changed college football forever. Like many sports, football is a little bit of a copycat sport. If something works for one team, others are going to follow. If the season continues to go well for Colorado, chances are we are going to see a lot more of this in the future. So far it seems as though Sanders’ offseason overhaul of the team was successful. Not everyone is going to pick up this tactic right away of course, but knowing that it is possible is enough for other coaches to keep it in their back pocket.

Courtesy of Cliff Grassmick

Of course, there’s already been predictions made for the rest of Colorado’s season. The majority said prior to the first few games that they would win about three or four games this season, which is still exponentially better than the previous season. But after the first two games, those opinions have changed. With those first two games, Colorado has announced their arrival as a team to watch out for and are currently proving those predictions wrong. Right now it’s just a question of whether they can continue this domination. If they continue on the path they are on, there’s been talk of Sanders being AP coach of the year.

What do you think will happen this season? Will they pull through, or is it all a fluke?

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