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The Bay Area Will Host the All-Star Game

Courtesy of the National Basketball Association (NBA)

On Monday, November 6th, 2023, the NBA announced that the 2025 All-Star game will be coming back to the Bay Area. The All-Star game is when the best players from every team come together and play in a series of mini-competitions and one big game of the East against the West.

Courtesy of the Golden State Warriors via Twitter

The last time the All-Star game was in the Bay Area the Golden State Warriors’ star player Stephen Curry was one month away from turning 12 years old. The Warriors have not hosted the game since 2000, where that also happened to be the time that Stephen Curry was able to go to the game and witness Vince Carter do his signature windmill dunk in the dunk contest. This also marks an important day for the NBA because this All-Star game will be played inside the Warriors’ brand-new basketball arena, the Chase Center, which opened in 2019.

The reason that NBA teams want to host this game is because it attracts an enormous amount of tourism for the city where it is held. With all of the activities that the NBA has planned, it will help to drive the economy of that city up and will also help out local business owners.

The All-Star game gives fans the opportunity to see all of their favorite players competing against each other on the same night and through the days before the big game. Throughout the days leading up to the event will also be hosting community engagement events during NBA All-Star 2025. Through partnerships with schools, local and national nonprofit organizations, and youth basketball programs, the league will reach thousands of children and families and leave a lasting legacy in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Courtesy of Getty Image

The first time the Bay Area hosted the All-Star game was in 1967 and was played in Cow Palace Arena in Daly City, California. In 1967 the Warriors actually had their very own star Rick Barry win the MVP for the All-Star game.

It could possibly be a repeat with the Warriors' star guard Stephen Curry if he performs well enough during the All-Star game. Curry will be participating in the three-point contest along with the regular All-Star game. If he gets the MVP after the All-Star game, it would be only the third time that a player from the Golden State Warriors has won the All-Star MVP. The past winners of the team have been Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Rick Barry.

Over the past couple of years, fans have said that the game has become less interesting to watch because it does not seem as competitive anymore. This is a game that is seen by many people, and fans want to see their favorite players actually competing and not just playing a relaxed game of basketball. The commissioner of the NBA has said that he wants to see a more competitive game and hopes that adding more mini-competitions will help. This All-Star game is set to take place on February 16th, 2025 at the Chase Center.

Courtesy of Jason O’Rear Photography

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