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The Life of a NJ Devils Sports Writer

By: Gabrielle Nordstrom

Kristy Flannery got the opportunity of a lifetime and has ran with it. Flannery currently writes for The Hockey News covering the New Jersey Devils.

She started this position in April 2023 and has enjoyed every second since. “Any day covering hockey is a good day,” Flannery says.

A normal day in the office is a busy one, but each day depends on the team’s schedule. A basic game day at home looks like this. She starts off her day by heading to the Prudential Center to cover the morning skate. After that she heads to the media room and gets out the game day previews. Then she takes some time to herself to get lunch and workout. Afterwards she continues to prepare for the game and review notes for the Devils and their opponent. Then she has some time to sneak in dinner before heading back to Prudential Center for the game. Once the game is over she heads to the game and press conferences where she gets more information to write her article. She gets back home around 12:30-1:00 a.m. and continues to do a bit more of work and then finally heads to sleep.

Flannery is another example of a woman in sports who did not study sports in college. Instead, she started her career working in law for 10 years. During that time she would write on the side for what she calls her passion project. Eventually, Flannery decided to make a change. She quit her 9-5 job and began a career in sports media.

Although she was not studying sports in college, Flannery does have an associates degree in journalism. She was exposed to journalism in college by being the managing editor for her college’s newspaper, but this did not necessarily help her get into her current job.

Flannery’s career goal was to always be a writer, but she is not done yet. There is more she hopes to accomplish in her career.

“Your journey is your own,” Flannery stated.

For women who are trying to pursue a career in sports, Flannery believes the biggest obstacle you will face is yourself. Do not compare yourself to anyone else as you all are at different points in your life.

All Photos Courtesy of Kristy Flannery

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