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Top 10 MLB Jerseys

Major League Baseball has many iconic and amazing jerseys. These are the ten best in recent years. 

10. Tampa Bay Rays

Photo courtesy of @raysbaseball on Instagram

This Ray's jersey is one of their alternatives. Overall, this is a pretty simple jersey. The bright blue on the bottoms of the sleeves and going down the middle is a great color combination with the navy blue. It has a simple yet classic jersey look.

9. Detroit Tigers

Photo courtesy of

This is the Tigers’ home jersey. The “D” written on the jersey in an Old English Font adds a lot of character to it and is very charming. It is the simplicity of it that makes it so great. There is not too much going on, but that is why it is so nice. The jersey has a very nice clean cut look to it. Overall, it has a very sharp look. 

8. Kansas City Royals

Photo courtesy of

This new baby blue jersey came out for the 2022 season. It is their alternative home jersey. The blue and white, being light colors, mix well together and give it a great look. This is a show-stopping jersey. 

7. Miami Marlins

Photo courtesy of

This black jersey is the team's alternative jersey. The black gives it a very classic look. “Marlins” being in blue and red really helps the jersey pop. The letters being outlined makes them two-dimensional, which is not something you often see on jerseys. It is beautifully simple. 

6. Seattle Mariners 

Photo courtesy of @jrodshow44 on Instagram

You can never go wrong with a navy blue jersey. The Mariners use this as their away jersey.

“Seattle,” written in white and outlined in teal, is great. The teal is subtle but still noticeable and blends together very nicely. This is a great jersey.

5. San Diego Padres

Photo courtesy of

The Padres current home jersey is a classic. They are nice and simple. The brown and yellow go together well. There is not too much going on, but it gives a classic baseball jersey vibe. The pops of yellow in the jersey bring it to life.

4. Baltimore Orioles

Photo courtesy of @orioles on Instagram

This Is one of the alternative jerseys of the Orioles. This jersey is just excellent. The orange-on-black is a great mix and the colors are very vivid. The orange makes the jersey very loud but in a good way. The dark-on-bright combo is nice, and the jersey is perfect.

3. Atlanta Braves 

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated Network

This is the Brave’s home jersey. The red on white is beautiful. This is another extremely clean looking jersey. The tomahawk adds character to the jersey but it's not too much. Perfect shade of red that makes the jersey that much more pleasing to the eyes. 

2. St. Louis Cardinals 

Photo courtesy of @cardinals on Instagram

The Cardinals brought back this beautiful jersey in 2018.  This blue jersey is one of their alternatives. The blend of the colors is just amazing. The blue makes the red in the logo pop so much. The matching blue pants make it so much better and it gives a more put-together look. Overall this jersey is just amazing. 

1. New York Yankees

Photo courtesy of @thejudge44 on Instagram

One of the most iconic jerseys in all of baseball. The Yankees’ home jersey has been around nearly since the organization started. It is a timeless piece that never changes and has always been great. It is a jersey that most people know, baseball fan or not. The jersey and matching pants are a classic set. The pinstripes are a loved piece. 

Edited by Shaniya Scales

Social Media Content Created by Alley Ruthenberg

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