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West Coast or East Coast?

The rivalry of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees is one the most known rivalries in Major League Baseball. They have both met 11 times in the World Series which is more times than any other pair of teams from the American and National league.

Both teams have always had a pretty decent record and make the playoffs but sometimes seem to fall short each season. This year might be a different story, no one knows yet it is pretty too early to tell.

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Friday, June 2nd was the first game of a 3-game series, Dodgers took the win for the first game 8-4. Clayton Kershaw, who has never beaten the Yankees, was the starting pitcher for the Dodgers and Luis Severino for the Yankees. Just in the first inning of the game the Dodgers were already up by 6, Kershaw obtained nine strikeouts over seven innings, and Mookie Betts hit two homeruns that day. History was also made by Kershaw for this playing career, after this game he has beaten every team in the Major League except for Baltimore.

Saturday, June 3rd was the second game, the Yankees took the win by a score of 6-3. Michael Grove was the starting pitcher for the Dodgers and Gerrit Cole for Yankees, also after this win for the Yankees Cole remains unbeaten. Aaron Judge for the Yankees hit his 19th homer of the season and also had an outstanding catch in the outfield. Jake Bauers for the Yankees also had an excellent game, he had a pair of two-run homers. Even though Grove allowed for Bauers to hit a pair of two-run homers, Grove still pitched a decent game with seven strikeouts in 5 innings.

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Sunday, June 4th was the third and final game of the series, Yankees took the win by a score of 4-1. They also won the series 2-1. Domingo German was the starting pitcher for the Yankees and Bobby Miller was the starting pitcher for the Dodgers. Miller has pitched three games including today for the Dodgers, he has done pretty well for each game he has pitched. Even though Miller did not get the win he pitched seven strikeouts, one hit, two walks in just six innings. Overall it was a pitching duel for both pitchers until the last three innings of the game where the Yankees took the lead which led them to win.

This game series had outstanding attendance for each day. It doesn’t always happen where us baseball fans get to see a battle of the coast in baseball. Even if we are given the chance to see it, it most likely happens in the playoffs. Overall, this series was a good and calming series to watch. Both teams are struggling with their injured players but they both made good plays all around.

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