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What Happened with Glenn Schembelcher?

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Glenn “Shemy” Schembelcher Resigns After Three Days on the New Job Over Social Media Scandal

Glenn “Shemy” Schembelcher, the son of legendary Michigan Wolverine football coach Bo Schembelcher, had been hired as the Michigan Wolverine’s assistant director of football recruiting, but he resigned after three days of having the job. The reason behind his resignation was a resurfacing of racist content that had been liked on Shemy’s Twitter account.

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These tweets had been compiled over a few years and anybody was able to see them. On Friday, May 19 it seemed hundreds to thousands of the tweets had been unliked and disappeared from the accounts feed. The following day the Twitter account had been deactivated.

Sunday was the day that Shemy admitted to his wrongdoings. A statement was released on his behalf from his public relations firm.

"Any words or philosophies that in any way seek to underplay the immeasurable suffering and long-term economic and social inequities that hundreds of years of slavery and the 'Jim Crow' era caused for Black Americans is wrong," Schembechler said. "I was wrong. We must never sanitize morally unsanitary, historical behaviors that have hindered the Black community, or any other community. There are no historical silver linings for the experiences of our brothers and sisters."

There had been a background check done on Shemy before he was even hired for the position.

Even before the tweets had resurfaced the hiring of Shemy had some controversy. Many people just thought that head coach Jim Harbaugh’s affection for Bo Schembelcher was the reason Shemy was offered the job.

Bo Schembelcher was the Michigan Wolverines coach from 1969-1989. He had taken the teams he coached to 13 Big Ten titles and when retiring, he retired as the program's all-time wins leader, collecting 194 wins. During his coaching career, he won Big Ten Coach of the Year six different times. He also closed out his coaching career as the Wolverine’s Athletic Director from 1988-1990. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1993.

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Harbaugh had been Schembelcher’s starting quarterback during the 1980s. Schembelcher had been Harbaugh’s coach and mentor, so why wouldn't he want to hire his son to help better his team?

In a joint statement from Harbaugh and athletic director Warde Manuel stated that the tweets that had been liked had “caused concern and pain for individuals.”

“We are aware of some comments and likes on social media that have caused concern and pain for individuals in our community,” the statement read. “Michigan Athletics is fully committed to a place where our coaches, staff, and student-athletes feel welcome and where we fully support the University’s and Athletic Department’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Shemy had played for the Wolverines during his time in college, but after graduating he began his off-field career. He began working with the Wolverine’s program in 1993 as a graduate assistant, but most of his post-graduation career consisted of various scouting roles in the NFL. His most recent NFL scouting position was with the Las Vegas Raiders, but Shemy and the Raiders parted ways in January. He has also worked for The Seattle Seahawks and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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