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What's Next for Blake Snell?

Spring training is approaching, and pitchers and catchers are required to report in just a few weeks. There are a couple of free agents who have not signed, and one of them is Blake Snell. He was drafted in 2011 by the Tampa Bay Rays and then proceeded to make his debut in 2016 for them. Later in his career he signed with the San Diego Padres and played with them for 3 years. Snell has a career ERA of 3.20 and a WHIP of 1.24. Snell just came off a monster year and even was in the running for another Cy Young Award. Snell was a good asset to the Padres but is ready to go somewhere else. He wants a good chunk of money and most teams are off the table now. The San Francisco Giants were interested but signed Jordan Hicks. The Los Angeles Dodgers got Tyler Glasnow and a couple of other big names, so they likely are off the table for Snell as well.

Courtesy of the Padres 

As the season comes closer and closer, Blake Snell is still not signed with a team. The New York Yankees are the most interested in Snell. They offered him six years and $150 million, but Snell declined their first offer,  hoping for a little bit more money. Snell rejected the deal, as he is seeking a higher annual average value, aiming for at least $30 million or a more extended contract, according to Feinsand. There is a prevalent belief that Smell is also pursuing a deal surpassing the $200 million mark. Mixed emotions are circulating, particularly considering Snell has spent the majority of his career with the Rays. However, in baseball, decisions often revolve around the financial terms and contract duration one receives, not emotions. 

The one issue fans see with Snell is his age. At 31 years old, he is no longer considered a younger player which teams love. So how much are teams like the Yankees willing to spend on an older pitcher like Snell?

The Yankees did miss the boat on players like Yoshinobu Yamamoto and Shoei Ohtani. The Yankees want to be a solid playoff team but struggled this past year, and a new good player might be the key to doing so. At the end of the day, fans are wondering if Blake Snell can handle the pressure and get the contract he is hoping for. 

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