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What Sport To Watch Based On Your Favorite Taylor Swift Album

Taylor Swift is one of the most well known and successful artists ever. Her impact on the music industry and countless people’s lives is beyond comprehension. Following the recent release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), the third of Swift’s re-recordings, I thought it would be fun to combine two of my favorite interests together: sports and Taylor Swift. Here are the sports you should watch based on your favorite Taylor Swift album.

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Taylor Swift- Baseball

Baseball is the oldest of the four major league sports in North America and millions of fans watch the sport every season. Swift’s debut album was simply titled Taylor Swift and was released in 2006, obviously making it her oldest record to date. So if your favorite album is Taylor Swift, baseball is the sport for you! There are plenty of classics on the tracklist just like there are many iconic ball players who have cemented their legacy in history. Baseball’s long history makes it one of the most unique sports today and Swift’s very first album is unlike any other in her discography all these years later.

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Fearless (Taylor’s Version)- Football

If you love Fearless (Taylor’s Version), the sport you should watch is football. Upon its initial release in 2008 and then again in 2021 as a re-record, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is one of Swift’s most iconic and well known albums for a multitude of reasons. It’s only right that it’s paired with football which is the most watched sport in America. This record falls in the country music category and there are plenty of NFL teams that are located in the west and south such as the Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans, Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs that fit the vibe of the songs on Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

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Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)- Tennis

Tennis is one of the most entertaining sports to watch and comes with its own fair amount of drama. Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) has the exact same vibes which is why if it’s your favorite album of Swift’s, tennis is your sport! The sport contains players cementing their legacies and new talents bursting onto the scene which is similar to the tracklist of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) which features classic songs such as “Enchanted” and “Dear John” along with new favorites “I Can See You” and “Foolish One” from the vault. So get ready for the drama and excitement of tennis because that is definitely the sport you should watch if you love this album.

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Red (Taylor’s Version)- Soccer

Red (Taylor’s Version) is the longest album in Swift’s discography running a total of two hours and ten minutes. It contains some of Swift’s most popular songs such as “22,” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “All Too Well.” So if this record is your favorite, you should become a soccer fan. Soccer games tend to run on the lengthy side which won’t be a problem for you if listening to this album isn’t a challenge and there are many famous soccer players like Lionel Messi, Morgan Rapinoe, Christian Ronaldo and Alex Morgan. Plus, you’ll feel the same heartbreak and joy watching soccer that you do listening to Red (Taylor’s Version).

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1989- Formula 1

If you love 1989, Formula 1 is the sport for you. 1989 was Swift’s first full length pop album and is probably the most upbeat and fast tempo one in her discography still to this day. F1 is a fast, intense sport that keeps your heart rate up with excitement during every race. Listening to 1989 has the same effect which is why F1 is the perfect sport for you to watch. Formula 1 also has some of the most heated rivalries among drivers from different teams so you can listen to “Bad Blood” while watching the drama unfold on the track along with the races as well.

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reputation- Hockey

reputation is one of the most unique albums in Swift’s discography and if it’s your favorite, the sport you should watch is hockey. Lots of players are traded or change teams in the NHL every season and it makes the quest to win the Stanley Cup even more interesting when there’s a sense of “revenge” involved. Plus, there are plenty of well known hockey players that have reputations known both for good and bad reasons which makes the rivalries between teams and players themselves much more fun to watch. Whether it be men’s or women’s hockey, if reputation is your favorite Taylor Swift album, this is the sport for you!

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Lover- Gymnastics

Lover is probably Swift’s most fun, colorful and upbeat album to this day which is why if Lover is your favorite, you should watch gymnastics. Not only are the competitions incredibly impressive on every level, but the gymnasts compete to catchy music, wear pretty and bedazzled leotards and always look like they’re having fun which completely matches this album’s overall vibe. Plus getting to watch star athletes like Simone Biles, Suni Lee and Jordan Chiles is amazing too. It’s easy to dance to almost every song on this album and gymnastics is a sport that has the same energy which makes it the perfect match for you!

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folklore- Basketball

Every song on folklore is about a different story that Swift wrote to create this unique album. Just like how almost every team has its own story that’s been created through the years, especially in the sport of basketball. So if folklore is your favorite Taylor Swift album, the sport you should watch is basketball! Whether you choose to watch the WNBA or NBA, every team in the major basketball leagues has its own one-of-a-kind story that not only intrigues fans, but makes the season more interesting as well. Plus with major superstar players and dynasties in both leagues, this match couldn’t be more perfect.

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evermore- Field Hockey

Swifties often joke that evermore is the forgotten child of Swift’s discography because it received significantly less promotion and recognition compared to all the others. But, it’s one of the most incredibly written records arguably ever. If evermore is your favorite, the sport you should watch is field hockey because it’s also often a sport that many people forget about despite how entertaining and interesting it is. From high school or college fields to the Olympic stage, field hockey is fun to be invested in as a fan and is easy to find games available to watch both live or televised.

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Midnights- Volleyball

As Swift’s most recent release of new music, it’s only right this record is paired with a sport that can be considered new and upcoming. If Midnights is your favorite album, you should watch volleyball. Volleyball is overlooked when people think about what sports to follow or invest in, but it’s captivating and interesting just like the tracklist to Midnights is. It doesn’t matter if you choose to watch a high school level, college level or on a big stage like the Olympics, volleyball is fun no matter what and you can happily hum “Karma” when the team you’re rooting against doesn’t win the match.

Whatever your favorite Taylor Swift album is, there is a sport for you to watch and love. So get familiar with the rules of that sport and make the friendship bracelets because you’ll be a fan in no time.

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