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What to Wear to a Baseball Game

While we are in the midst of baseball season a lot of people will be going to the games over the summer. When watching the game we want to look cute and be comfortable at the same time while surviving the summer heat. Let’s deep dive into such amazing looks that can be worn at both covered and outdoor fields this baseball season.

Tank Tops are one of the best go to’s for the summer. They snatch your body while keeping you cool at the same time, and let's be real, they are really cute too. To match with this outfit I would wear the jean shorts which is a no brainer when it comes to going to a baseball game. The Levi shorts are very popular and they are very cute and trendy too. You don’t have to wear shorts to the game, you could also rock a pair of leggings if you would like. To top off the outfit I would top it off with some chunky sneakers to match that baseball fit. I personally would match it with platform Converse or classic Air Force Ones




Another popular outfit that is known around the ballpark is the jersey look. If you have a jersey what you can do is take one of the tank tops and wear the jersey as a cover shirt like posted above or you could button it up and tuck it into your shorts like what the amazing Sydney Sweeney did.


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Accessories are always a must at the ballpark, things that could add an extra boost to your outfit. When you are at a baseball game you of course want to wear a baseball hat to support your favorite teams. My go-to place for hats are 47 which is where a lot of people can get baseball hats for the game. If you are not the one for hats then I would recommend a cute claw clips and a pair of matching sunnies that will put the whole look together. Overall you want to have fun at the game while looking cute at the same time.

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