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XFL Owner Dwayne Johnson Lost Millions

Courtesy of ESPN

The XFL, a secondary football league, was relaunched in 2023 by Dwayne Johnson and Danny Garcia. The league has grown considerably from where it began, but it is still far from making a profit. After the conclusion of the 2023 season, it has been reported that the league has lost 60 million dollars.

Despite the current circumstances, Johnson still sees the XFL as a booming business. He knows that this project will have to be a long-term project and he knows he won't see results in one season. Garcia explained that he is in the business for the long haul.

" We're extremely well capitalized for the long term. This is our new WWE. The next massive live property." Garcia stated .

With ESPN paying 20 million dollars per season to broadcast XFL games on cable television, things are already looking up. According to Johnson, the league has a revenue target of $100 million. Johnson explained how this project will be a legacy.

Courtesy of ESPN

" My goal was to get through the first season. This is not just an endeavor that's going to fill up a portfolio and one day we flip it and we're out. This is a legacy."

As Johnson prepares to enter his second season, he is already setting himself up for success. An agreement has already been reached with a number of brands for the XFL. Under Armour and Progressive are among these brands. These brands will help Johnson ensure that his league is seeking profit.

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