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behind Girls Club

These girls make gameday look good. 

Girls Club Origin Story

Here's how the innovative sports platform tailored to women came to be.


Girls Club originated as a podcast between two best friends looking to get real about the sports industry.

Those two besties happen to be Delaney Galbraith (now CEO, Founder & Owner) and Katy Gibralter.

Delaney came to Katy with the idea for a sports platform tailored to women in the sports industry in December 2021. Soon after the two got to work on what started out as just a podcast, launching officially on February 4th, 2022. The two girls were both still seniors in college at The University of Alabama (Roll Tide). They both loved interviewing women who were changing the game for the better. As time went on the platform and the podcast continued to grow in following. They both graduated and walked the stage together as they began the next chapter of their lives. 

Katy is now working for ESPN as a Production Assistant. Delaney decided to take a risk and turn Girls Club into a real business, leaving her full-time job to try to make the sports industry a better place. Don't worry, the two are still best friends and have an incredibly healthy addiction to sports and Pinterest.

Girls Club is now a multi-media sports company that offers sports news, apparel, events & more. Working to bring inclusivity to the sports industry. Sports isn't just a boys club anymore, it's a Girls Club too. 


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