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Bye Bye, Bergy

By: Audrey Fields

Edited By: Kylie Augis

Courtesy of Michael Dwyer

After 19 years as a player in the NHL, Patrice Bergeron announced his retirement from the game on Tuesday morning. It had been speculated by fans that the Boston Bruins captain may not make a return for the upcoming season, but this rumor has now been confirmed. Bergeron was not only a leader on the ice, but a prime example of sportsmanship and class out of the spotlight as well.


Patrice Bergeron began his professional hockey career in 2003 when he was drafted 45th overall by the Boston Bruins. He would play in his first game that very season and ended his rookie year with 39 points in 71 games. Patrice had a career for the books, winning the Stanley Cup in 2011, playing in multiple outdoor Winter Classic games, and winning six Selke trophies. The Selke award is given to the NHL forward who demonstrates the best defensive skill in that season. He represented his home country Canada in the Olympic games three times during his life, and played in the World Championships a handful of times as well. Throughout the rest of his career, “Bergy” played in 1,294 games with a total of 1,040 points. He wore #37 on his jersey for his entire career, which he spent on the Beantown team. The city of Boston was blessed to keep him for so long, and saw him as a perfect role model for the next generation of hockey players in New England to look up to in the National Hockey League.

Courtesy of Boston Bruins


Bergeron announced that he would be stepping away from the National Hockey League on July 25, 2023. This comes less than a month after he was honored with his sixth Selke. He wrote a lengthy message to explain everything that went into his decision, and ended it by stating how honored he was to represent the city of Boston. He encourages the next generation of players to dream big and work hard. As of right now, he states that he is looking forward to the future with his family and whatever it may hold for them. Many other Bruins’ have chimed in with their messages to him, and even players and individuals from other franchises have congratulated Bergeron on a successful career. As sad as it is to see this great player leave the game, we can all look forward to finding out who the next captain and role model of the Boston Bruins will be for the 2023 - 24 season.

Courtesy of Boston Bruins

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