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How TikTok is Helping Us Understand the Lives of WAGs

Courtesy of Allison Rochell (Instagram @allisonkuch)

Ever wonder what living the life of a professional athlete is like? Well people like Allison Kuch are giving you that insight. As the social media platform TikTok has gained popularity, a variety of videos have become popular. One of the more popular forms of videos are Day In the Lifes. These mini vlogs are the creator going about daily tasks and bringing the viewers along for the ride with them. Allison Rochell, wife of defensive end Isaac Rochell, who is currently a free agent, has taken the influencer world by storm this last season. Between her charming personality and providing a realistic inside look on her life, she has risen to fame. She is very candid on what the life of a professional athlete and their significant other looks like. Rochell uses TikTok to share how while she may not be the one playing on the field, she is still greatly affected by what her husband does. Things like having to uproot her life at a moment's notice when her husband was traded, having to keep up a certain image or appearance, finding her own identity and having to plan her whole life (ex. babies and her own work life) around his schedule. While many may think it is a life of glitz and glam, there’s also the reality of roster moves and actual moves. If a player changes teams midseason, there are so many things that have to be done. One of those things is finding a place to live, but not knowing how long you will be located there changes things. Kuch wants to keep her social media very real and to continue making a sisterhood and support system with other wives and girlfriends of players (WAGs).

Courtesy of Madison Aubé-Kubel (Instagram @madison.aubekubel)

Another notable WAG who has used her platform to shed light into the lifestyle athletes and their partners lead is Madison Aubé-Kubel. She is the wife of Stanley Cup Champion Nicolas Aubé-Kubel. Mostly posting videos of her getting ready for games and day in the lifes, Madison also rose to fame on TikTok . She is known for posting her interior design tips and about custom clothing she has designed for other WAGs. During her husband’s stint with the Colorado Avalanche, Madison made many jackets, shirts, and even hoodies for their dogs repping the Avs’ colors which she shared online. With Madison’s many talents and bubbly personality, she has been gaining more popularity on TikTok. Within this last season she has supported her husband through a few trades. Madison was very open with how unconventional this lifestyle is, both with the moves and keeping friends. She speaks a lot on the behind the scenes of their life on the Mitts & Chicks podcast.

There has been a wave of WAGs entering the influencing world and we are here for it! Many have used videos about their lifestyles that are unique due to their significant other’s jobs to gain a following while also posting about themselves and tips for everyday life. While not all of their content is centered around the jobs of their significant others, the little inside look they give us is widely entertaining. They also give us a reality check. As outsiders, we imagine the life of a WAG as being glamorous, but there is a person who is dealing with various emotions and whose life is being impacted simply because of their significant other’s job behind the camera. Other women who have used their platform to shed light on the reality of being a WAG include Rachel Gomber, Sydney Warner, Kymberlynn Smith, Abby Grimaldi. These women are giving us an inside look into a life we would not otherwise understand and we cannot wait to see what they continue to do with the following they have gathered.

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