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How to Style a Jersey in 10 Ways

As women in sports, fashion and loving the game go hand-in-hand. Yes, we’re there to watch the game, but maybe get some cute Instagram photos while we’re there.

Jerseys can be tough to style, since most are oversized, boxy, and bulky. But, showing your team spirit is so important! So, we are here to tell you: Yes, it’s possible to style a jersey in a way that’s cute but still lets you show support for your favorite team!

We’ll be showing you “How to Style a Jersey in 10 Ways”, and all the outfits we’ll lay out feature a mix of football, baseball, hockey, and basketball jerseys, so you’re bound to find the perfect, Pinterest-worthy, inspiration for your next look in this post!

Outfit #1

Courtesy of Pinterest

For this first look, you’ll want to take your jersey and tuck it into a pair of denim jeans or shorts. You can pair it with a belt to help your jersey stay tucked in, and for shoes, ankle boots will look great with shorts or rolled up jeans. A pair of white sneakers is also a cute and comfy shoe choice.

This look is perfect for college football game day, and would work perfectly for football and soccer jerseys.

Outfit #2

Courtesy of Pinterest

This look is a super stylish way of wearing a baseball jersey. This look features another oversized jersey, and you’ll want to pair it with a black long sleeved mock neck.

And, of course, you’ll want to pair your jersey with a matching baseball cap!

The accessories in this look are super cute, too. To complete the look, try wearing your go-to game day bag, sunglasses, and gold jewelry.

Outfit #3

Courtesy of Pinterest

This look works perfectly for a hockey jersey! It’s a simple and sporty look that is easy to execute.

Pair your oversized jersey with some simple black biker shorts, white sneakers, and crew socks. Finish the outfit with accessories like your go-to game day bag, sunglasses, and jewelry.

Outfit #4

Courtesy of Camryn Reeves (@reinecam on Instagram)

This next one is perfect for those super long and oversized jerseys. For this look, you can try wearing your jersey as a dress! Some chic cowboy boots, or just some ankle boots, look really great with a long jersey.

Accessorizing with a handbag and some dainty jewelry fits this look perfectly.

Outfit #5

Courtesy of Pinterest

This next look is a simple, classic, comfy, and stylish way to style a basketball jersey.

For this look, pair your go-to basketball jersey with some leggings or joggers/sweatpants, and layer it over a hoodie. Pair with some platform high top Converse or your favorite white sneakers, and you’re good to go!

Adding a crossbody fanny pack/belt bag and some jewelry would be the perfect accessories for this look.

Outfit #6

Courtesy of Pinterest

This next look is a cute and casual way to wear a baseball jersey, especially for those hotter summer games.

Pair your jersey with a simple white crop top underneath and denim shorts. And, for shoes, you can never go wrong with Converse! Platform high tops will look really great with this look.

Add a black crossbody fanny pack/belt bag, some dainty jewelry, and some sunglasses, and you’re all set to cheer on your favorite team!

Outfit #7

Courtesy of Lindsey Scott (@lindseyscott116 on Instagram)

This next look is a great outfit idea for a hockey game! This is a really simple and classic look that will look great on anyone.

Pair your jersey with some classic ripped blue jeans and your favroite pair of white sneakers. If it’s cold out, you can layer your jersey with another shirt, hoodie, or sweatshirt underneath to stay warm.

Add a classic black fanny pack/belt bag and some light jewelry, and you’re ready for game day!

Outfit #8

Courtesy of Pinterest

This look uses a baseball jersey layered with a simple white crop top and white sweatpants. Sporty, simple, and comfy, while still clean, bold, and cute! Perfect as streetwear, or your game day outfit.

Adding a handbag that matches the base color of your jersey, as well as some jewelry, would make this an especially stylish and well coordinated outfit.

Outfit #9

Courtesy of Pinterest

This next look is for anyone who loves loose and sporty pieces. This outfit is likely right up your alley! It’s comfy, cute, and perfect for most (if not all) temperatures and weather.

Pair your jersey with baggy blue jeans and simple white sneakers. The more platform, the better! You can style it with simple jewelry to really tie everything together, and you’re good to go.

Outfit #10

Courtesy of Pinterest

This last look is another cute idea for wearing a baseball jersey. Wearing it with a simple white crop top, trousers, a classy belt, and black platform Converse makes for the cutest outfit.

Mixing professional pieces like trousers and belts with sporty pieces like jerseys makes for a really unique and fashionable style that’s sure to impress.

You’ll also want to try pairing your crop top, especially if it has a lower-cut neckline, with a layered necklace to really tie the outfit together. That, paired with a bit more similar jewelry and a crossbody bag will have you ready to go for your next game day!


…that’s “How to Style a Jersey in 10 Ways”!

These looks are perfect to take inspiration from whether you’re going to a game, tailgating, watching from home, or just hanging out!

Jerseys can be challenging to wear if you’re a fashion and a sports lover due to their big, oversized, and boxy fit, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make them work for you.

Whether you’re looking to wear your football, hockey, basketball, or baseball jersey in a cute and stylish way, this blog showed you some of the best ways to accomplish that, and shared some awesome inspo pics to recreate these looks.

We hope you found the perfect ideas in this post for your next game day outfit!

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