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It's time to stop being afraid of LinkedIn messaging

Ladies, it is time we stop waiting to message people on LinkedIn because guess what?! People like me are going to swoop in a do it first if you don’t.


Let’s talk about the pros and cons of messaging a potential employer or someone you look up to on LinkedIn.


-Could lead to your Dream Job/get your foot in the door

-Might get some new fresh advice

-It is a free and easy way to reach out to others on a business casual platform


-There are none.

& if you think that not getting a response is a con, then boy do I have some motivating to do for you.

Receiving no response is not the end of the world, in fact, it could be your motivation to keep pushing till you get a response from someone. Someone will respond eventually and it could end up benefiting you for the better. So now that I have efficiently motivated you to hit send on that LinkedIn message let’s break down a few good LinkedIn messaging etiquettes and templates.

It’s Time to slide into the DM’s & by DM’s we mean LinkedIn chats.

This is not chatting with your instagram crush, this is a professional chat that does need some thought. While this does only take 5 minutes, there are a few simple rules to follow when you are doing this. So tell Chad your busy and get your notes app out.

Rules to LinkedIn Messaging

  1. Always remember that this is not a “!!!!” situation, it’s a this “!,.” situation.

  2. Your message needs details but it does not need to be longer than your high school math teachers explanations of why we need to learn about SOHCAHTOA

  3. Make it about them, this is not about you. Well it is about you, but it also isn’t. Ask them about their story and their advice. You do not need to tell them everything you’ve done with previous experience, they can look at your profile for that.

  4. Your profile should be updated before messaging, this should be a given but make sure your information is organized and up to date.

  5. Always thank them at the end of the message.

Now that you know the rules let’s get you some templates:

Here is my generic ~works like a charm~ template that almost never fails me-


I really admire the work you’ve been doing and loved the BLANK project. This is a team I could really see myself working well with and would love to hear more about your story and any advice you may have. Could we arrange to talk on the phone sometime soon?

Thank you!”

If talking on the phone scares you too much and you do not think you would want that out of messaging them, here’s another option-


The BLANK team is one I could see myself aligning with and would love to land a role in this company some time. What are your best suggestions on how I can get my foot in the door?

Thank you!”

And lastly, here is an easy message for if you want to K-I-S-S (Keep It Simple Stupid)


I admire the work you do and was wondering if you have any tips on what I can do to follow a similar career path?

Thank you!”

Don’t you worry, we will have more LinkedIn templates coming soon, send us your questions regarding LinkedIn or messaging someone via email to to have your questions answered!

Good luck & send that DANG message!



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