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Kim Ng: A Woman in Sports Icon

Courtesy of Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Kim Ng is a pioneer, leader, and a women in sports icon. From being a Chicago White Sox front office intern to the Miami Marlins general manager, Kim Ng has made history yet again in this 2023 Major League Baseball Postseason.

Making History

In November 2020, Kim Ng made national news by becoming the general manager for the Miami Marlins. This position came with many firsts. By becoming the GM for Miami, Ng is the first person of East Asian Descent to be a general manager in Major League Baseball, the first female GM in the MLB, and the first female GM in any of the big four American sports.

In 2023, Kim Ng did it again. This time, Ng is being recognized for being the first female general manager to lead an MLB team to the playoffs. The last time the Marlins were in the playoffs was 2020 and they lost in the National League Division series. Before that, their last appearance was in 2003 when they won the World Series against the Yankees. Ng took a team with limited support to the postseason in her third year with the team.

Courtesy of Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Ng’s work with the Marlins

Ng was brought on as a general manager for the Marlins in November 2020, after the pandemic cut the season short. That year, the team had a brief postseason appearance. Even with the short appearance, Ng still had a lot to work to do considering the Marlins’ stats in past seasons. Ng got to work quickly with reshaping the roster by any means possible. From drafts, trades, and free agency pickups, Ng’s work is starting to pay off.


Ng’s game-day fashion consists of black or gray suits paired with a cool tone or light-colored top. The blues and teals she is often found wearing, not only pair nicely with her team's colors, but they compliment her skin tone and hair color.

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