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My Path, My Story

(Feature Photo Created by Emma Dowsett)

Most girls who enjoy the sport of hockey have all heard the comments “You just like hockey because the players are cute,” “You don’t actually know the game,” “Name five players then”. At Girls Club, that's not how we go about it. Our motto is “Sports for the girls. Because it’s not just a boys club anymore.” Women in sports have stories to tell so here is a collection of female hockey fans and their stories.

Vivian Kirby (@viviankirbyy on Instagram)

Favourite Team(s): Carolina Hurricanes, Pittsburgh Penguins, New Jersey Devils and the Montreal Canadiens

Favourite Player: Sebastian Aho

Player most like them: Jaccob Slavin

Fun fact: I’ve met the whole canes roster! [besides trade deadline guys]

How long have you been a fan of hockey? My whole life [so 15 years]

How has hockey and/or sports affected your life? I’ve met my best friends through it. I probably wouldn’t be who I am without sports.

What does hockey mean to you? It's more than the sport. I’ve met so many people through this sport and I probably wouldn’t love it like I do without them.

What is your favourite memory of the game? Honestly not sure. If I was alive for the cup win I would say that, but I wasn’t. So maybe just like any playoffs or hat tricks I guess?

Natalie (@CALDERZARY on X, @nhlnatalie on Instagram)

Favourite Team(s): Calgary Flames and the Colorado Avalanche 

Favourite Player: Tyler Toffoli or Connor Zary or Mark Giordano 

Player most like them: Martin Pospisil [because I'm just a girl]

Fun fact: I used to be a soccer goalkeeper and I wanted to be an NHL player when I was little

How long have you been a fan of hockey? My whole life

How has hockey and/or sports affected your life? It's affected my life because I want to go to university to hopefully get a degree in media studies to become a sports announcer 

What does hockey mean to you? Everything

What is your favourite memory of the game? When I went to the Feb. 1 battle of Alberta game and there was the goalie fight 

Kendall (@kendall_m380 on Instagram)

Favourite Team(s): The Toronto Maple Leafs

Favourite Player: Mitch Marner

Player most like them: Adam Fantilli

Fun fact: I’m a Leafs fan on Long Island, NY

How long have you been a fan of hockey? Two years

How has hockey and/or sports affected your life? Since becoming a fan of hockey, I’ve changed what I want to do in the future. I now want to work in sports marketing and it’s something I work hard to accomplish.

What does hockey mean to you? So much, it has helped me connect to and meet people, such as my best friend, as well as strengthen previous bonds, like with my dad! Hockey [and] the Leafs are an escape for me, whenever life gets to be too much, watch an old game! And just the overall idea of being so passionate for something is so exciting to me, being able to learn as much as you can about the game and players is so fun.

What is your favourite memory of the game? Going to and watching games with my parents

Jenna (@equestchick95 on X)

Favourite Team(s): Colorado Avalanche

Favourite Player: Nathan Mackinnon, Cale Makar, Valeri Nichushkin, Gabriel Landeskog and Samuel Girard. It takes a strong player to come forward in this league and ask for help and I really respect that. 

Player most like them: I would say I am a little like Gabe Landeskog outside of the fact that he is the Captain. I am always the mom/adult of the group. I might not be the best "hockey player" metaphorically but I bust my ass every day to achieve my goals, take care of my Soldiers and push myself and the people around me to work harder. 

Fun fact: I’ve touched the Stanley Cup twice

How long have you been a fan of hockey? Since 2017

How has hockey and/or sports affected your life? Hockey came into my life because of a guy and when he left, it stayed. It has consistently been something I have kept up with, no matter my location or time zone, because it's something that brings me joy. When I first started dating my Husband he was strictly a football guy and I made it pretty clear that hockey was gonna have to be a part of our lives. He went from a guy who called periods quarters to a man who bought us tickets to as many games as we could go to when we were stationed in Colorado. Now that he is just as indoctrinated as I am, life is really blissful. If anything, the fact that some men want women out of this space has really pressed me to learn as much as I can about my team, its history and its players so that they never have a reason to try and exclude me. 

What does hockey mean to you? Hockey is everything to me. Being in the military it is hard picking up and moving every few years but it's the one sport that is usually near every military base, and one where they usually play teams multiple times. So I can usually see them in person a few times a year despite it all. No matter where the Army takes me, I always have the Avs. 

What is your favourite memory of the game? I was stationed in Colorado the year we made the Cup run so I got the full experience. I was able to go to the Stanley cup parade and the celebration downtown and it was an unforgettable experience. It's crazy to think I almost didn't go because I didn't have anyone to go with, but I made so many incredible memories with all the female Avs fans who got up at the crack of dawn to get a good spot like I did. Meeting so many players and holding up a drunk Aube-Kubel as he shaved a dude's head in the crowd is next level and is a once in a lifetime moment as well. 

Savannah (@savnicolex on Instagram, @motorcitysav on X)

Favourite Team(s): Detroit Red Wings

Favourite Player: My childhood favorite player was Brendan Shanahan, because lil baby me thought Shanahan sounded similar to Savannah. The first player I intentionally chose as a favorite was Pavel Datsyuk! I still love the Magic Man. 

Player most like them: This is such a tough one! But I have to say Marc-Andre Fleury. He loves the game, is happy to just be there, and is passionate about his people and what truly matters to him. He’s not afraid to do what he thinks is right, and is a huge goof. He’s just tryna have a good time and a little giggle, and I relate to that so much. 

Fun fact: I lived in Columbus during the Blue Jackets’ inaugural season, in Vegas during the Golden Knights’ inaugural season, and in Seattle during the Kraken’s inaugural season! Now I live in downtown Detroit within walking distance of the arena & never want to leave this city again :) 

How long have you been a fan of hockey? My entire life! I was born into being a hockey fan

How has hockey and/or sports affected your life? Hockey and sports in general are such massive parts of my life. I may or may not plan all my other activities around watching the games, and my go-to background noise is the ESPN+ anthem (live sports, home of the complete 30 for 30 library…you know the one haha). Sports have brought tons of people into my life, and I’m a big believer that Detroit is the best sports city in the world (hot take?) 

What does hockey mean to you? Hockey means connection to me! It has always been a way for me to connect to my dad, and it has brought so many friends into my life. Not only do I love the game, but I love the common ground it gives me with other fans. 

What is your favourite memory of the game? Growing up, my dad would bring me to hockey games at the Joe whenever he could. It has always been our favorite thing to do together. We’d make an entire day out of coming to Detroit for games, and would wait outside the arena for players to drive out after games. I have countless memories of standing out there freezing, waiting to see who would stop to sign autographs and say hi. Would do it again and again for the memories.

Lindsey (@JacketsLindsey on X)

Favourite Team(s): Columbus Blue Jackets

Favourite Player: Sergei Bobrovsky

Player most like them: Jakub Voracek 

Fun fact: I had a tweet with Patrik Laine go viral a couple of years ago. We were on TSN and BarDown, it was kind of insane. Later that season Patty gave me a stick!

How long have you been a fan of hockey? Nine years

How has hockey and/or sports affected your life? Hockey is my community. Going to games is therapeutic to me, it takes my mind off the other stressors of life. Hockey has gotten me through dark times in my life. I’ve met so many wonderful people and made some of my best friends through hockey. 

What does hockey mean to you? Hockey is a huge part of my life. It is my community. I feel like I belong here. 

What is your favourite memory of the game? Probably witnessing the Tampa Bay sweep in 2019. I’ve never felt that kind of energy in the arena before and I hope I get to feel it again in the future! 

Editor: Soleil Dam

Photo Credits: Submitted by each girl

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