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"Quarterback": Is it Worth the Hype?

Courtesy of Netflix (tv insider)

Come July 12, 2023, fans of The National Football League (NFL) will be given the opportunity to see three of the league’s top quarterbacks in an extremely different light in the all new Netflix docuseries Quarterback. This new docuseries “is a first-of-its kind partnership between the NFL and Netflix” and comprises eight episodes.

Who Will Be Featured

Each of the three quarterbacks this series follows have endured many ups and downs throughout the past couple seasons.

Quarterback, will follow the players’ lives both on and off the field through taking an inside look into their homes and their way of navigating pressures in their personal and professional lives as well as mic’d up moments during games and inside the huddle.

The three players include:

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Courtesy of Cooper Neill (Getty Images)

Mahomes, seventh-year quarterback, is a two-time Super Bowl champion who won both Super Bowl LIV (2020) and LVII (2023). He is the only quarterback in NFL history, according to Cable News Network (CNN), to win two league MVP awards and two Super Bowls in the first six years of his career. Last season, Mahomes broke records including the record for most offensive yards.

Cheering him on during the season is his wife Brittany Mahomes (formerly Matthews). The couple also have two children together, a daughter, Sterling Skye Mahomes, and a son, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III.

Mahomes’s company, 2PM Productions, will be producing the series along with NFL Films and executive producer Peyton Manning, former NFL quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. In an interview with Tudum in June, here is what Mahomes said about Quarterback:

“I’m excited for fans to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at an unforgettable season for the entire Chiefs organization and for my family. From welcoming home a new baby in the middle of the season to welcoming the Lombardi Trophy back to Kansas City, our crew was there for it all. This new Netflix series will show the time, preparation and balance that it takes to be an NFL quarterback and perform on the biggest stage.”

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

Courtesy of Bruce Kluckhohn (AP Photo)

Cousins, twelfth-year quarterback, was drafted by the Washington Redskins (now Commanders) in the 2012 NFL Draft and started his career as a backup to Robert Griffin III. With the Redskins, Cousins alternated between being a starter and backup quarterback for six years before being traded to the Vikings in 2018.

As a quarterback, he has not won any Super Bowls, but has made four Pro Bowls while breaking many records including being the fifth quarterback in Viking’s history for quarterback starts and fourth-quarter comebacks six times. He also climbed various all-time rankings including being 28th all-time in passing yards and got the 8th highest passer rating in NFL history.

Cousins's wife, Julie Cousins (formerly Hampton) has supported him through the ups and downs he’s faced during his years in the NFL. The couple has two boys together, named Cooper and Turner.

Here’s what Cousins said about Quarterback in a press conference following the final practice at Viking’s mandatory minicamp:

“I was a little nervous, right? Cameras and mics following you year-round, the whole season, what does that look like? You’re always very aware you never want to be an individual, you want to be about team, one of the guys and would this at all make me an individual? I can’t do that.” He added, “As I watched a couple edits, I realized there are going to be few things better two show my two boys in about 10-15 years to say this what dad did. This was life, this is what it looked it, this is going to be pretty powerful. I think there’s value in that sense.”

Marcus Mariota, Atlanta Falcons

Courtesy of Todd Kirkland (Getty Images)

Mariota, ninth-year quarterback, has spent his NFL career on four different teams including five seasons with the Tennessee Titans, two seasons with the Las Vegas Raiders, one season with the Atlanta Falcons and is currently with the Philadelphia Eagles. He was the second overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

He has gone through many challenges during his career as he has started multiple seasons as the starting quarterback but ended that same season on the bench as a backup behind the likes of Ryan Tannehill, Derek Carr and Desmond Ridder.

Although his time in the NFL has not been pleasant, he has “racked up 15,656 passing yards, throwing 92 touchdowns and 54 interceptions.”

Mariota has had the support from his wife, Kiyomi, throughout his career. The couple welcomed a daughter, Makaia Kei Mariota, on Dec. 7, 2022.

Fans' Thoughts And Opinions

Courtesy of Quarterback trailer (YouTube)

Even though Quarterback isn’t out yet for fans to watch, they are not hesitant to give their take regarding the docuseries as a whole and the players that have been chosen to be in it. The thoughts and opinions from fans around the league are seemingly all over the place (specifically making the decision to troll Mariota but praise Mahomes and Cousins).

Both the NFL and Netflix have posted the official trailer on their Instagram accounts for fans to see and the post has surpassed 180,000 likes and 1,000 comments. The trailer has also been posted on YouTube for fans to watch as well.

The comments on the trailer post range from “No clue how anyone can dislike Kirk” to “This looks good!” but many are rather negative and hurtful towards each player and their families.

My Take On The Docuseries

When I heard that the NFL and Netflix were in the process of planning to make a docuseries that follows the lives of NFL quarterbacks, I was extremely excited to see the first episode.

Once I saw the trailer, I was even more ready for July 12 to get here. With knowledge of the trials and tribulations each quarterback has faced in their career, it will be interesting to finally get a glimpse of how that has affected them personally in their family dynamic and professionally on the field. The Mahomes family and Mariota have been involved with many controversies last season so it will be fascinating to see how they cover it. That alone is something that has kept me engaged with Quarterback.

I think the docuseries, from the trailer, shows a unique similarity to Netflix’s own “QB1: Beyond the Lights” where it actually follows three star high school quarterbacks playing in their final season before moving to Division 1 college football.

To end off my take on “Quarterback”, I am eager to watch it and have the opportunity to experience what NFL quarterbacks' lives are like and how it is different as an athlete. I have followed Mahomes’s wife for a while now on Instagram and the life her and Mahomes has created for their family and I cannot wait to see her in a different light, as she has often received negativity and criticism from alleged fans. Although I do not know a lot about Cousins and Mariota’s family it will be nice to see them gaining more positive attention through the docuseries. Be sure to check out Quarterback, streaming on Netflix July 12.

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