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So the LV Aces Have Won the Championship… What Next?

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

The Las Vegas Aces have won their first WNBA Championship in franchise history. This is a massive feat, even though they were the top-seeded team going into the playoffs. Being the best team going into the playoffs often means nothing, the Aces were able to use that to their advantage instead of their downfall.

When someone wins a championship, we must give them time to celebrate, they’ve earned it. Just earlier this week they had their massive championship parade in Las Vegas. The parade was so well attended that they had to shut down parts of Las Vegas Boulevard to accommodate crowds. One reason the parade was so large was because the Aces are the first major pro sports title for the city of Las Vegas.

The Acess are big on celebrating, especially during the speeches that occurred at the championship parade. Two-time all-star and Aces forward Dearica Hamby revealed that she is pregnant with her second child. Not only is that a big thing to celebrate but it also means that Hamby played while pregnant during the playoffs. That is just your daily reminder that women are actually super human.

Wins are a big deal and no one is taking that away from the city of Las Vegas and the Aces players themselves. They deserve to take this off time to celebrate their accomplishments and enjoy a little break.

However, winning also brings up questions for fans and viewers alike. Questions like: What will the Aces do next?

Many may think this question is unfair to ask of a winning team but it is hard to ignore the fact that so much is expected of the former champions. When a team wins the Super Bowl, they are expected to play extremely well the next year and possibly win it again. Thus, the Aces are under the same kind of scrutiny that any champion team in any sport would be. So how can the Aces deal with this increased scrutiny.

You play basketball, that’s how you deal with it. No team can play better just because they’ve won more, or be expected to do so. Each team comes into a new season with a blank slate, except for the team that has just won a championship. They are held to a different standard even though they have the same job as every other team, to play basketball. So that’s what the Aces must do next season, play basketball and ignore the questions and expectations that people may have.

Congrats to the Las Vegas Aces, enjoy this win, bask in your own glory, but when the next season starts, just play some basketball. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, you already have the best job on the planet and you’re pretty good at it.

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