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The “Italian Stallion” of the NFL

He is the Italian Stallion of sports agents. If you didn’t know him, you do now after his infamous “Godfather” style appearance on Monday Night Football.

New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito has become quite the fan favorite, but his agent, Sean Stellato, is breaking headlines. Stellato made his sideline debut in Week 14 Giants vs Green Bay Packers, wearing a pinstripe suit and a fedora.

Photo courtesy: ESPN

The Football world went wild. On the “Manningcast,” Peyton Manning jokes,  “He looks like Johnny Fontane from The Godfather.” The brothers teased that Stellato was carrying chicken cutlets in his blue tote bag.

Fans were comparing the sports agent to other iconic Italian American actors. One X user captioned a photo of Ralph Macchio and Joe Pesci in the 1992 film My Cousin Vinny, “Tommy DeVito and his agent negotiating an extension with the Giants.”

It’s his signature style, consisting of a matching suit and fedora – of which he has nine. He stands out, but in the best way possible, he’s the best-dressed agent in the league. 

Stellato’s backstory and upbringing explain his persona, taking great pride in his Italian heritage. 

His grandfather immigrated from Sambiase, located on the coast of Calabria, Italy, with just $14 to their name. They were shoemakers. 

“My grandmother…used to dress men, and I’m the baby of three boys, and in essence, I was the daughter that my mother never had because she wanted me to look good,” he explained of his stylish roots.

Photo Courtesy: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

He mentioned the fedora is in honor of Frank Sinatra and Rocky Balboa, but his wife jokes that his past life was during the 1920s.

Before the “Italian Stallion” took over the sports agency, he, too, was an athlete himself. A quarterback at Salem High School in Massachusetts, he would go on to play football at Marist College as a wide receiver. 

Despite never playing professionally, Stellato stayed in the sports profession by becoming the agent he is today.

The 45-year-old is happily married to his wife Krista, with whom he shares four daughters: Gianna, Sophia, Giulietta, and Siena.

Photo Courtesy: Sean Stellato/Instagram

Edited by Ashly Roman

Social Media Content by Reagan Hackett

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