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Women Succeeding on HockeyTok

TikTok is one of the hottest apps in the social media world. It’s easy to scroll on the app’s “for you page” for hours on end, so for those hockey fans who are trying to limit their screen time, these are my top female hockey related content pages for you to follow.

WAG related content: @maddiefidler

Maddie is currently dating Colorado Avalanche right winger Nicolas Aubé-Kubel. Most of what Maddie posts on the app are “get ready with me” style videos featuring outfits she wears to games. Her game day fits have given me inspiration for my own, and she is one of the most down to Earth creators I’ve come across. Additionally, due to her background in design, she’s even designed some of her own playoff gear for herself and other Avs player’s significant others.

Player’s perspectives: @reaganrust & @kaliflanagan_

Reagan and Kali are both professional female hockey players; Reagan currently plays for AIK Hockey Dam of the Swedish Women’s Hockey League (SDHL) and Kali plays for the American national team and serves as assistant coach to the Northern Cyclones, being the first assistant coach in USPHL history. Both Regan and Kali post humorous videos about things that happen at practice, as well as a behind the scene look on game days. As a hockey fan who has never actually played hockey, gaining an inside look into the locker room is fascinating.

Fans sharing the love for the game: @sweetannieod, @victoriaalicestewart, & @mightymoose18

Victoria is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan from Scotland, who regularly posts on TikTok in addition to her Youtube page content mostly related to the Leafs. Whether you’re a hockey fan who loves Toronto or loves to hate Toronto, you’ll be able to enjoy Victoria’s page. Her videos also relate to the struggles of being taken seriously as a female in love with sports, which many of us can relate to. Annie creates content revolving around hockey in addition to baseball, and isn't shy about discussing the league as a whole. If you’re new to hockey, Annie’s TikTok page is definitely the one you should check out as she’s able to translate rules of the game in an understandable fashion. Lastly, Amelia’s account is dedicated solely to hockey. I love watching her post about her insane jersey collection, as well as videos of her working on her snapshots!

Special fan mentions: @nhlkrystal for content focused on the Blackhawks; @strome17 for content focused on the Blackhawks, Blue Jackets, and Cincinnati Cyclones; @thatfloridapantherfan for content focused on the Panthers; @anniesadhbrain for content on the Ducks; @princesslaurenlo for content on the Lightening.

These lovely ladies create content related to their favorite teams, so if you’re new to the hockey world and are still deciding what team(s) to support, they’re accounts are perfect glimpses into certain fanbases!

Behind the scenes look at working for an NHL team: @gennarosetv

Genna is a content host for the Chicago Blackhawk and the Chicago Dogs in the American Association of Professional Baseball. Genna’s TikTok page focuses on her career in the broadcasting world, with videos such as her favorite outfits to wear to work and where she got them, day in the lifes going to work at the United Center and this year’s All Star game, and much much more.

I’ve found the hockey community on TikTok to be incredibly supportive and welcoming, and with several different kinds of accounts there’s content for everyone! While this list encapsulates some of my favorite creators, the community is constantly growing and I’m always following new accounts. Have a creative idea of your own? Post about it- you never know where it may take you and what connections you could make. Also, while you’re at it, make sure you’re following our TikTok page!

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