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Your Formula 1 Fashion Guide

From the runway to the paddock, raceday style has become one of the most popular trends in fashion. Whether you’re planning outfits for a race, a watch party, a night out, or an everyday look, here’s a guide to Formula 1 inspired Fashion. Remember, life is a runway. 

Kelly Piquet on Vogue NL cover, courtesy of @kellypiquet / Instagram

Inspired by Her

The women on the paddock are some of the main leaders in Formula 1 fashion. They show us the latest pieces in fashion and how to style them. While we usually see these women wearing simple color palettes, that in no way means bold looks are off-limits. F1 Presenters, like Lissie Mackintosh and Laura Winter, have been seen rocking purples, pinks and neons. Wives and girlfriends of drivers have shown us how to pair pieces together to create monochromatic looks that can match our favorite teams’ colors. There really are no rules when it comes to fashion on raceday. 

Alexandra Saint Mleux, Kika Gomes and Kelly Piquet have become fan favorite Formula 1 fashionistas. They turn recent trends into classy ensembles, perfect for the paddock. Over the span of seasons they’ve been pictured at races, they have shown us how to elevate a pant and sneakers look and proven dresses and heels can be just as functional. Alexandra Saint Mleux loves a full length dress with strategically placed cutouts, paired with neutral kitten-heels. Kika Gomes brought trendy sneakers back onto the scene, styling them with mini dresses or trousers. Both love adding sleek, black sunglasses to accessorize. Kelly Piquet elevates casual jeans with stylish, yet simple tops, black belts and unique clutches. 

Courtesy of, @francisca.cgomes, @lissiemackintosh, @kellypiquet / Instagram

Inspired by Him

Formula 1 drivers love to show off their personal style when arriving at each Grand Prix location. Working with well-known brands and stylists, the drivers take raceday fashion beyond their racing jackets and suits. 

Lewis Hamilton is undoubtedly the biggest fashion icon amongst the 20 drivers. His bold, high fashion and streetwear style draws in everyone's attention, and for good reason. Hamilton isn’t afraid of a bright monochromatic look, busy patterns or textured fabrics. Most of his looks are sets, usually a combination of long pants and a button down jacket. Over the years, we’ve even seen him wear personalized jackets, like the custom Versace he wore to the last Las Vegas Grand Prix. 

Dressing like Hamilton requires a collection of statement pieces. Base your look off of one or two colors and build around that. Top your favorite mini dress with a thrifted, vintage racing jacket and strappy heels for that iconic “cool girl” look. Add texture with rhinestones or leather to elevate your monochromatic looks and incorporate metallics with shiny tops and matching sneakers. Lewis Hamilton is big on sustainable fashion, so it’s important to remember to mix and match your pieces and never be afraid to rewear a look!

Formula 1 lookbook and similar pieces can be found from brands like Zara, Meshki and Steve Madden. 

Edited by Raegan Verhoff

Written by Bella-Rosa Fetelea

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