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A Tiger with 15 Stripes: Tiger Woods Launches New Apparel Line

Eldrick Tont, better known as “Tiger,” Woods is an American professional golfer who is one of the greatest golfers of all time. There is no doubt that Woods, who holds numerous records, is a well-known athlete who has made a name for himself through his skills as a golfer and entrepreneur.

As a way to exhibit his legacy, ethic, and charisma, Woods is launching a new clothing line called “Sun Day Red.” The brand is intended to be worn by golf fans and individuals worldwide, and its design is inspired by Woods’ iconic career and sense of style.

Courtesy of Golf Digest

The Associated Press stated, “Tiger Woods in a red shirt on Sunday has become as recognizable as a Masters champion in a green jacket. Only it’s no longer about a Sunday red shirt for Woods. It’s about a brand.” 

Every aspect of Tiger Woods' career has shaped each aspect and the launch of his new brand. Even the name “Sun Day Red” is no coincidence, as Woods is known for his tradition of wearing a red shirt on every tournament Sunday of his career. The color red is also a poke at his days as a student-athlete at Stanford University. 

The logo features a tiger outline, representing his household name, with 15 stripes for each of his major championships. “Sun Day Red,” created with TaylorMade, is set to launch on May 1.

According to Fast Company, Woods said he’s launching "Sun Day Red" because “it’s the right time in my life [...] to be able to create my own brand, something that I live and breathe, and it’s authentic, it’s inspiring.” 

Courtesy of New York Post

After 27 years with Nike, Woods has ended his contract and is ready to make his own path with his new clothing brand by providing a premium, comfortable, and active alternative for athletes and fans alike. The current line will include shirts, hoodies, and outerwear, and there is a plan to expand in the future to include footwear and clothing for women and children.

Courtesy of NBC News

The Washington Post writes, “The logo is a tiger with 15 stripes, one for each of his majors. And if he happens to win another major? 'We’re going to have to redo the trademark,' he said with that famous smile.” 

Woods is eager to explore this fascinating new chapter and is interested in seeing where it leads. His never-ending desire to succeed and dedication to mastering his craft create unique opportunities for growth and future adjustments. Woods’ accomplishments are far from over, and his legacy will go on even when he no longer plays golf professionally.

Edited by: Emma Habel

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