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Did Bobby Miller's Major League Debut Live up to Expectations?

On Tuesday May 23, The Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves went face to face during game two of their three game series, entering the series tied.

We had two of the most talented pitchers in the league on the mound for game 3

Spencer Strider was on the mound for the Braves, holding a 2.97 ERA and a 4-2 (W-L) record.

The Dodgers had Bobby Miller on the mound who is currently ranked No.2 on The Dodgers’ prospect rankings.

This was a highly anticipated start with so many emotions for Bobby Miller and Dodger fans. After being The Dodgers’ first-round pick in the 2020 draft, there were many expectations for the talented pitcher.

Facing a first place team with so much talent in the lineup, as well as on the mound. This start was gonna be interesting without a doubt.

Courtesy of Clint Pasillas

The first few innings started off a little shaky for Miller, allowing a few hits but only allowing one run during the five innings he pitched, while the Dodgers’ bats were awake the whole game backing up the upcoming stud during his major league debut.

Miller was in the zone, striking out the big names in the Braves lineup, not letting them intimidate him. Hitting Ronald Acuña jr. with 100 MPH fastballs, as well as the first 19 pitches being four- seamers with all of them coming near or above 100 MPH, and striking out five over his five innings.

“It feels great. I was very fired up going into it,” he said. “I mean, that’s a great lineup. You have to stay confident out there. It’s easy for a lot of guys to fold. As rough as that first inning was , they put a few barrels on me you’ve got to stay in the moment, stay where my feet are, keep executing pitches, stay in the zone,”-said Miller.

Miller was absolutely dominating, throwing 99+ MPH over 25 times. Making history, being the first Dodgers pitcher to go at least 5 innings while allowing no more than a run as well as striking out 5+ in his Major League debut since Kazuhisa Ishii on April 6th,2022.

The Braves’ lineup quickly caught onto the pitches Miller was delivering, patiently waiting for another four-seamer, but he wasted no time and turned to his slider, changeup and curveball. Which worked out for him as he only allowed one run despite being in multiple jams throughout the game. With the final score being 8-1 Dodgers.

Miller expressed his feelings coming into this game, finally earning a spot on the big stage comes with a lot of emotions. “I’m thankful they called my name,” he said. “They could have called a lot of other names. I’m very honored they called on me.” He wasn’t expecting a call up so early into the season, nor was he expecting to perform this well against the Braves. The Dodgers’ future is now, and the future is bright for Miller.

Millers Stat Line for Game 2 Against The Braves:

-5 IP

-4 H

-1 ER

-5 K’s

-1 BB


How much longer until we see Miller on the mound again? The Dodgers future starts now.

Courtesy of Dale Zanine-USA Today Sports

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