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End of Season Premier League Update

The Premier League is the top division of the English Football League system. It is contested by 20 clubs and follows the EFL promotion and relegation system. Seasons normally last from August to May, with each side playing 38 games: two against each of the other teams, one at home and one away.

With the beginning of April upon us and only six weeks remaining in the season, I felt it would be fitting to provide an update on the teams currently at the top of the flight as well as those who are in relegation. I also wanted to share my prediction for which team will win the league.

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Let's begin by discussing the three teams at the bottom of the table who are facing relegation. The teams who finish there at the end of the season get relegated, or sent down, to the second tier of the EFL: the Championship.

Sheffield United (3-6-21) is at the very bottom with 15 points. Although they’ve had major upsets in rivalry games, they’ve suffered many losses this season. In Matchday 6 they lost to Newcastle United 8-0, and it wasn’t until Matchday 12 that they got their first win, 2-1 against the Wolverhampton Wanderers. They had two 5-0 losses to Aston Villa and Brighton & Hove Albion and they most recently lost to Arsenal 6-0 on Matchday 27.

These specific losses were detrimental to the momentum and cohesion of the team throughout their first Premier League season since 2000. Their confidence and ability to perform have been hindered in their 21 losses thus far. It will be a grind to see if they can even climb out of last place in the rankings, let alone avoid relegation altogether.

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Burnley (4-7-21) is just ahead of Sheffield United with 19 points. In the 2022-2023 season, Burnley won the second tier EFL Championship. This season's return to the Premier League may send them right back down to the second division if they don't find a way out of relegation.

They are unbeaten in their last four Premier League games, winning one and drawing three. On Matchday 25 they suffered their heaviest loss of the season, falling 5-0 against Arsenal. Burnley is aiming to fight their way out of relegation, and a few back-to-back wins and a momentum shift should help them end the season strong.

Courtesy of The Independent

In their first Premier League season, Luton Town is in 18th place (5-7-19) with 22 points. It’s not easy to move up to the highest level of English football, and they’re doing everything in their power to maintain their status. In these final few weeks, they must gather the strength and perseverance to avoid relegation as quickly as possible.

The majority of their games have been close calls, but in many they failed to score that last goal to win. It demonstrates that Luton Town can deal with the stronger and intense level of play, but they need more practice and experience in the league.

Courtesy of The Guardian

Now moving on to the top four teams on the table.

Aston Villa (18-5-8) is in fourth place with 59 points and eight points behind third place. They finished seventh last season, but they’ve had much more success this year, already having risen above where they were this time last year. Let’s hope they can keep the momentum and maintain their standing or climb higher. Despite their 4-1 loss to Manchester City on Matchday 31, they’ve had a strong season overall with numerous thrilling battles that they won by a small margin.

With their next game against 15th place Brentford, they should be able to perform well and get the result they want to keep pushing them higher in the standings. We’ll see if they can match their previous best second place finish, which occurred in their debut season, or at least hold where they are to cap off another successful Premier League season.

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Reigning champions Manchester City (20-7-3) are in third place with 67 points. This team is an unstoppable force who have been dominant in every season, and they had one of their best performances last season. Right now, they’re three points out of first place and just one point behind second.

It will be a sprint to the finish, with City hoping to win the title back-to-back. Their last loss was on Dec. 6 where they fell 1-0 to Aston Villa on Matchday 15. They’re an outstanding squad and will try to defend their title with the help of Erling Haaland, Kevin De Bruyne, and numerous other gifted players.

Courtesy of TEAMtalk

In second place is Arsenal (21-5-4) with 68 points. Their front line, including youngsters Bukayo Saka and Martin Odeggard, is incredibly fast and precise with the ball which has helped the squad get to this point in the season. Declan Rice's addition has also had a significant impact on the defensive line structure.

Arsenal may win their 14th Premier League title as they are just two points out of top position. With a promising future, this team hopes to build on its impressive record of accomplishments and continue creating history.

Courtesy of ESPN

Liverpool (21-7-2) is leading the league table with 70 points. After this season, Jurgen Klopp is expected to leave his position as manager, and significant adjustments will need to be made in the club’s uncertain future.

Before his career ends, it is crucial for Klopp and Liverpool to have one more chance to win another title, which they last won in the 2019-2020 season. They’re desperate to reclaim it and will need to battle Arsenal and Manchester City until the end. With eight matches left for Liverpool to play, they have to keep their winning streak alive to stay ahead.

Courtesy of The Guardian

With only a few weeks remaining before the winner of the title is announced, and based on how the season has gone so far, I believe Liverpool will come out on top.

Liverpool have a lot to prove to themselves before Klopp leaves, and I believe they are going to maintain their place in the standings and come out on top. I would want nothing more than to watch my favorite Tottenham Hotspurs contend for the title this season, but they aren’t high enough in the standings. I'm rooting for Liverpool to pull off the victory in this last stretch.

Edited by: Emma Habel

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