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Exploring Prima Racing's IndyCar Entry: An Interview with Mark Sibla



Mark Sibla, IndyCar's Chief of Staff, recently shared some insights with me on PREMA Racing's highly anticipated entry into the IndyCar series. In this interview, Sibla delved into the significance of this move and its potential implications for the future of motorsports.

With its illustrious history and track record of excellence, PREMA Racing is set to inject a new level of competitiveness into IndyCar. The team's entry into the series is a significant development, and motorsport enthusiasts are buzzing with anticipation.

Founded in 1983 by Angelo Rosin and Giorgio Piccolo, PREMA Racing has established itself as a powerhouse in junior formula racing. Over the years, the team has played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of numerous drivers, including current Formula One stars Charles Leclerc and Oscar Piastri.

PREMA Racing's entry into IndyCar is not just another team joining the series. With its origins in a different part of the globe, the team brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of innovative ideas and approaches from their successful European racing ventures. This infusion of diverse perspectives promises to enrich the IndyCar paddock and enhance the overall competitiveness of the series, making PREMA Racing's entry a significant and exciting development.

PREMA Racing's emphasis on nurturing young talent goes beyond the sport's face value. It presents an opportunity to inject new energy into IndyCar and diversify the driver lineup, with PREMA's success in lower formulas as a testament to their talent-spotting prowess. By prioritizing the development of young talent, PREMA Racing is not just participating in IndyCar but shaping its future significantly.


PREMA Racing's decision to establish a presence in the United States from scratch, rather than opting for a satellite team model, is a strategic move that not only underscores their commitment to IndyCar, but also instills confidence in their long-term vision. Piers Phillips, the driving force behind PREMA's IndyCar project, brings extensive experience from both European and American racing landscapes. This unique blend of backgrounds and PREMA's expertise in junior formula positions the team for success as they embark on their IndyCar journey. By building their operation from the ground up, PREMA Racing is creating a cohesive and competitive team culture tailored to the demands of the series, a move that is sure to resonate with motorsport enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Driver selection is a pivotal aspect of PREMA Racing's IndyCar venture, with speculation rife about potential pairings. Sibla weighed in on the delicate balance between experience and youthful exuberance, noting the broader impact this could have on the IndyCar driver market. With a roster of talented drivers in their stable, including F2 and F3 standouts, PREMA Racing faces the challenge of selecting the ideal combination of drivers to maximize their competitiveness in IndyCar. The team's approach to driver pairing will shape their on-track performance and influence the broader dynamics of the IndyCar grid.

As the interview concluded, Sibla touched on the palpable anticipation within the motorsport community surrounding PREMA Racing's arrival. He envisioned PREMA's entry as a cultural exchange, enriching IndyCar with new perspectives and fan engagement opportunities. The influx of international fans and the allure of PREMA's success in other racing series are expected to bolster attendance and viewership for IndyCar events. With its global appeal and commitment to excellence, PREMA Racing is poised to leave a lasting impression on the IndyCar landscape.

Mark Sibla's insights provided a comprehensive overview of the excitement and anticipation surrounding PREMA Racing's entry into IndyCar. From their rich history and global perspective to their focus on nurturing young talent, PREMA's arrival promises to usher in a new era of competitiveness and innovation in motorsports. With all eyes on PREMA Racing, the countdown to their debut signals a potential paradigm shift in the world of IndyCar racing.

Edited by Carla Martínez

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