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F1 Drivers as CARS Characters

The iconic movie CARS from Pixar is one that is a staple movie for the childhood of many people. From its characters to its soundtrack, the movie provides enjoyment for all racing fanatics. Each character has its own personality just like many F1 drivers, here is how some drivers compare to each character.

Charles Leclerc: Lightning McQueen

The Ferrari driver being similar to McQueen is an idea that is always being talked about all around social media platforms. Not only are they both covered in an iconic red but they both show the determination that is needed in order to succeed. Both Leclerc and McQueen face many obstacles in their journey to succeed yet through the help of their teams they are able to accomplish their goals.

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Max Verstappen: Chick Hicks

To many F1 fans, Verstappen could be considered the rival or even “enemy” of their favorite driver. Chick Hicks is McQueen’s rival and will do anything in his power to make sure that he is able to beat him. Similar to Hicks, Verstappen is willing to defy the rules of racing in order to succeed for himself and his team.

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Daniel Ricciardo: Mater

Much like Mater, Daniel Ricciardo is known to be the charismatic one of the drivers with his bubbly personality. Ricciardo brings the fun atmosphere to the serious side of racing just like Mater does to McQueen. Mater is known for doing everything in his power to help his friends and the same thing can be said about Ricciardo around the paddock.

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Fernando Alonso: Francesco Bernoulli

The Italian race car can be described as a smooth driver similar to Alonso’s style of driving. On the track, Alonso’s overtakes and driving skills put an emphasis on what it is to be a classy driver. Their similarities also include not backing down from a challenge or any competitor that comes their way.

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Lewis Hamilton: Jackson Storm

Lewis Hamilton, just like Jackson Storm, gives a modern twist to the world of racing. Although Hamilton began his F1 career in 2007, it was in 2013 when he joined Mercedes during a new era of racing that he made his impact. Jackson Storm shows up and impresses many fans and in a way outshines Lightning McQueen which is what Hamilton did when he showed up as a rookie in 2007.

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Sebastian Vettel: Luigi

Sebastian Vettel might be retired but his enthusiasm and commitment when he was racing for the Ferrari team can be seen in Luigi’s character. In the film, when we are first introduced to Luigi he establishes right away that he only follows the Ferrari. Much like Luigi, Vettel has a famous interview that went viral where he states that everybody is a Ferrari fan even if they’re not. The interview shows how dedicated Vettel was to the team and how iconic the team is.

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Michael Schumacher: Strip ‘The King’ Weathers

Although he is now retired, Schumacher was considered to be the greatest of all time. He broke many records and set the records for other accomplishments as well. Similar to Strip ‘The King’ Weathers, Schumacher is also a seven-time world champion, and to many of the younger drivers, he was also their idol. Both Weathers and Schumacher can be seen as revolutionary leaders for the sport.

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