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Formula 1 Drivers as The Tortured Poets Department Songs

Taylor Swift’s “The Tortured Poets Department” has been out in the world for almost three months now and after countless listens, there are quite a few songs on the tracklist that perfectly match with Formula 1 drivers on the current grid. So, of course, the Swiftie and F1 fan in me, had to make a list of which song goes with which driver. 

Courtesy of AFP/Alfredo Estrella

So Long, London- Lewis Hamilton

Before the season even started, the shocking news that Lewis Hamilton was going to be leaving Mercedes and joining Ferrari in 2025 sent the F1 world into a tizzy. After 11 seasons with Mercedes that were full of highs and lows, Hamilton has decided to move on. The goodbye to his longtime team is sure to be emotional, but this situation is what makes “So Long, London” the TTPD song for Hamilton. The last verse of the song especially couldn’t be more accurate for the dramatic departure from his current team: “For so long, London, had a good run, a moment of warm sun, but I'm not the one.” Hamilton’s legacy with Mercedes will live on and fans will certainly remember everything he accomplished as a driver for the team over the last decade or so, but his exit marks the end of an era. Exactly as Swift writes about in “So Long, London.”

Courtesy of Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?- Max Verstappen

This might be an obvious connection, but “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?” is the TTPD song that totally aligns with Max Verstappen. It’s well known within F1 that Verstappen is a fantastic person off the track, but when it comes to racing, he will do anything and everything to win. We’ve seen that on multiple occasions throughout his career which is proof of his talent and determination as a driver in the most intense sport. In “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?” Swift writes about how she isn’t perceived as someone people should be scared of, but being in the spotlight and hearing what the public have said about her over the years has turned into someone that should be feared. The same could be said for Verstappen which is why this song is the best match for him. Becoming World Champion, winning race after race and more or less being the face of the sport has definitely hardened Verstappen’s personality just as Swift writes about in this song off TTPD.

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The Alchemy- Lando Norris

One of the greatest moments of the 2024 F1 season was Lando Norris finally reaching the top step of the podium and claiming his first win in Formula 1. The British driver reaching this accomplishment is why “The Alchemy” is the most appropriately fitting TTPD song for him. Seeing everyone’s pure joy for Norris after getting that long awaited victory, from fans to drivers and everyone in between, matches exactly to the bridge Swift wrote for this song: “Shirts off, and your friends lift you up over their heads. Beer sticking to the floor, cheers chanted, cause they said there was no chance trying to be the greatest in the league. Where's the trophy?” The lyrics mirror the feeling of elation that Norris clearly felt after crossing the line with the checkered flag waving and with the success he’s experienced this season, reaching such a high achievement and bringing a level of competition to the front of the grid that has been missing for some time now, he has proven that he is one of the greatest drivers on the grid.

Courtesy of PA Images

The Prophecy- Logan Sargeant 

This might be the most obvious match on this entire list. “The Prophecy” is one of Swift’s most heartbreaking songs as the lyrics are about how she feels she’s been cursed and has no chance of finding love or happiness so she begs the universe to change the prophecy in order for the pattern to break. Logan Sargeant, one of the youngest drivers and only American on the grid, has unfortunately not seen much success or luck in the sport since making his F1 debut last season. Many of his races have ended in disappointment either with DNFs due to crashes and issues with the car that are out of his control or finishing with no points despite Sargeant putting his best effort in every weekend. Now with his future in F1 on the line, it feels like Sargeant is just buying time until Williams decides what to do with the open seat for next season. The parallels between the American driver’s career in F1 and Swift’s “The Prophecy” is almost uncanny which is why it’s the perfect TTPD song for him.

Courtesy of Alpine F1 Team

I Hate It Here- Pierre Gasly

Although Pierre Gasly recently signed a multi-year contract extension to remain with Alpine, everyone knows about the infamous feud that exists between him and his current teammate, Esteban Ocon. The two have obvious issues with each other which more often than not come out on the track and affect both of their performances during races. This is why “I Hate It Here” is the TTPD song for Gasly. Swift writes about how she goes to places in her mind that only she can get to because she doesn’t always enjoy being present in what’s happening in her life. This seems like the appropriate match to Gasly’s usual everyday having to balance the pressure of driving a Formula 1 car and performing well mixed with the tensions that exist between him and his teammate. It’s clear Gasly enjoys being part of the Alpine team, but with that kind of drama constantly surrounding the two drivers, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he escapes to nicer places in his mind from time to time.

Courtesy of GSI/Icon Sport via Getty Images

imgonnagetyouback- Lance Stroll

If you think you know the reason “imgonnagetyouback” is the TTPD song for Lance Stroll, you’re most likely 99 percent correct. Swift literally writes about an Aston Martin being steered into a ditch just for the driver to run and hide. Throughout several races this season, Stroll has been in some controversial collisions with other drivers on the track that have not resulted in any penalties or reprimands. Fans of both Taylor Swift and F1 couldn’t believe the coincidence that the world’s biggest pop star included the current Formula 1 team’s name in one of her songs. It wouldn’t be right to not make this the TTPD song match for Stroll. 

Courtesy of @Carlossainz55 on X

The Black Dog- Carlos Sainz

With the news that Hamilton would be moving to Ferrari in 2025, it means that Carlos Sainz will lose his seat with the team he has been with for years now. Among F1 fans, particularly Ferrari fans, Sainz is a favorite and especially so with his current teammate Charles Leclerc. The duo will be broken up starting next season and it almost feels like a true heartbreak in the making as the two drivers have become good friends over the years. “The Black Dog” is a song Swift wrote about how she doesn’t understand how her former lover doesn’t miss her when visiting a bar they created so many memories at during their relationship. The lyrics have that unbelievable coincidence when looking at Sainz and his eventual departure from Ferrari at the end of this season because of course the team will move on, but it will be hard not to remember the good times he had as a Ferrari driver over his four seasons with the team.

Courtesy of McLaren Racing

Clara Bow- Oscar Piastri 

Oscar Piastri might be the youngest driver on the grid, but he has already established himself as a fantastic driver in a short amount of time. Many fans have made a joke that Piastri is the new Kimi Räikkönen of today’s F1 for various reasons. Some rely specifically on racing to back up the claim, others point to Piastri's personality and how it’s similar to Räikkönen’s. “Clara Bow” is a song Swift wrote about how women, particularly in the entertainment industry, are taught to replace each other and points out three women who were told they look like another successful woman. Fans have even built their own theory that Swift wrote from her own experience of being compared to Stevie Nicks at the pinnacle of her career and now upcoming and coming stars are being compared to Swift. This makes “Clara Bow” the best TTPD song match for Piastri as he has seemingly become the “new” Räikkönen of today’s grid. And, of course, his future is dazzling like Swift also says in the lyrics.

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