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From Player to Entrepreneur: Brittany Mahomes Becomes Co-Founder of the Kansas City Current

Patrick Mahomes, a well-known American football legend, is regarded as one of the best football players of all time. He has achieved incredible success which will continue throughout his professional career. But what about his number one supporter? 

His wife Brittany is in the stands at all of his games, but behind the scenes she is a girl boss at heart, pursuing her passion for soccer by co-founding the Kansas City Current. Brittany, who can be seen on the sidelines watching her husband dominate on the field, has made a name for herself by co-founding a women's soccer club and leveraging her expertise and prior playing experience. Let’s take a journey back to where her passion for soccer began.

Courtesy of Kansas City Magazine

From a young age, Brittany enjoyed playing soccer. She did well playing for her high school team at Whitehouse High School in Texas, where she was an all star player on the team and was named WHS Offensive MVP and All-East Texas Forward in her senior year after scoring 22 goals and creating five assists.

Courtesy of Sportskeeda

Brittany didn’t know if she was going to play soccer in college when she enrolled at the University of Texas in 2013, but she was recruited to play for the University of Texas at Tyler Patriots by her former Whitehouse teammate Chestley Strother. Brittany excelled in college both academically and athletically. She was a pivotal player on the team and became the first player in program history with four career hat-tricks. She finished her college career with 31 goals and 16 assists in 74 games, ranked second-best in school history.

Courtesy of Page Six

Unlike many athletes, Brittany continued to play a sport after graduating from college. As she revealed on Netflix’s Quarterback, she pursued her dream and signed a contract to play professional soccer in Iceland for a team called UMF Afturelding Fram. The team won the championship in her first season, but according to Newsweek, she decided to stop playing and return back to the United States to be reunited with Patrick and continue to grow their lives together.

Brittany's degree in Kinesiology has given her a great interest in health and fitness in addition to her stellar professional career. On her website, she says, “I have experience with all levels of fitness and have carried that experience with me to create exercise programs for people at all stages on their fitness journey. I want YOU to feel the same as I feel – confident, strong, empowered, and beautiful!!" 

She combined her love of soccer and fitness and helped found a women’s soccer club. Playing soccer involves both of these aspects, so it's the perfect combination and shows Brittany’s tenacity as a worldwide phenomenon in areas she’s passionate in.

Courtesy of Yahoo

In December 2020, Brittany bought a stake in the Kansas City Current franchise alongside Angie and Chris Long. While she may not play on the professional level anymore, Brittany is a co-founder of her city's professional women’s soccer team, and Patrick became a co-founder in 2023.

Courtesy of Kansas City Current

“An advocate for women in sports and a leader in the Kansas City community, Brittany has always had her eyes on bringing the NWSL back to KC,” her Kansas City Current bio reads. “Her competitive drive and passion for the game of soccer bring a new energy to the club’s ownership group. She shares the Longs’ commitment to continue building a championship mentality in Kansas City for years to come.”

On opening day of the first home game for the Kansas City Current, the Mahomes were front and center, greeting fans entering the brand-new stadium. 

“This is history, this is incredible, and for you guys to show up for these women and their own stadium is amazing,” Brittany said to the enthusiastic crowd before the game began.

The Current battled hard against the Portland Thorns and emerged victorious with a 5-4 win. They won in true Kansas City fashion, by fighting until the end to demonstrate their worth and devotion to playing the best soccer possible.

Courtesy of Pro Soccer Wire

This provided the club, supporters, and stadium a thrilling start to the season and a preview of what lies ahead. The Kansas City Current are hoping to push the momentum forward and achieve great success this season. Brittany wants to help make this franchise flourish and perhaps this season will demonstrate that. 

The Current are off to a good start, and being owned by the Mahomes family ensures that the team will do well and play their best soccer every game–just like Brittany has always and will continue to do for what she is passionate about. Who knows what the future holds for this soccer team, but the stakes are high, the energy is strong, and the outlook seems promising from here.

Edited by: Emma Habel

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