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Generational Greatness: The Top 10 Father-Son Basketball Duos with the Most Combined NBA Points

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The NBA has seen the rise of legendary father-son duos whose combined points have left an indelible mark on the league's history. These families have not only shared a last name, but also a love of basketball, resulting in a basketball heritage that spans decades. As we look into the top ten father-son duos with the most combined NBA points, we embark on an enthralling journey through basketball history.

Kobe Bryant and Joe Bryant combined for 38,895 points. The Bryants are at the top of the list, with Kobe scoring 33,643 points and Joe scoring 5,252. The Black Mamba's 20-year career cements their place, with Kobe securing fourth place on the all-time scoring list. A testimony to the Bryant name's continuing legacy in the NBA.

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Stephen Curry and Dell Curry combined for 34,857 points. The Curry family, noted for its three-point prowess, has a combined total of 34,857 points. While Dell is the all-time leading scorer for the Charlotte Hornets with 12,670 points, Stephen, recognized as the greatest three-point shooter, has an astounding 22,187 points, demonstrating a combination of past and contemporary basketball prowess.

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Klay Thompson and Mychal Thompson have a combined total of 27,226 points. The Thompsons have scored a total of 27,226 points as teammates and family members. Klay has surpassed his father Mychal in points, scoring 14,416 to Mychal's 12,810. With six championships between them, the Thompsons have not only accumulated points but also established themselves as winners on the biggest stage. Danny and Dolph Schayes have 27,218 points. The Schayes team comes in fourth place with a total of 27,218 points. Danny's 8,780 points over 20 seasons complement his father Dolph's 18,438. Brent Barry and Rick Barry have a total of 26,883 points. Brent and Rick Barry finished in fifth position with a total of 26,883 points. Brent's 8,488 points, along with Rick's 18,395, add to a legacy marked by skill and family pride, but not surpassing his father's individual point total. Jimmy Walker and Jalen Rose - 24,875 points In the Rose-Walker tandem, Jalen finishes his career with more total points - 13,220 than his father Jimmy's 11,655. Their total 24,875 points demonstrate the Rose family's multigenerational prosperity. Patrick Ewing Jr. and Patrick Ewing have a total of 24,818 points. While Patrick Ewing Jr.'s NBA career was limited, his father Patrick Ewing's Hall of Fame career with 24,815 points puts them in eighth place. Their aggregate total shows the importance of the Ewing name on the game. Tim Hardaway Jr. and Tim Hardaway have a combined total of 24,814 points. The Hardaways are an intriguing combination who now sit in seventh place with 24,814 points. Tim Hardaway Jr.'s 9,441 points represent an opportunity to surpass his father's 15,373 points, securing their place in NBA history. 23110 points for Jon and Rick Barry Because of their father's high point total, Rick Barry's sons, Jon and Brent, make the list. Jon's 4,715 points add to the Barry family legacy, propelling them to ninth place. Gary Payton II and Gary Payton have a total of 22,737 points. The Payton brothers round out the top five, with Gary Payton scoring 21,813 points and Gary Payton II scoring 914. The Glove's defensive skills and his son's rise from the G-League round up our look at two great NBA family legacies.

These father-son teams not only shared a love of basketball, but they also made an everlasting stamp on the NBA, proving that greatness runs in families. As we commemorate their combined accomplishments, it's a monument to the NBA's ongoing power as a family tradition.

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