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Meet the 2024 PWHL Draft Round 1 Picks

Courtesy of @thepwhlofficial / Instagram

Despite being the first eliminated this season, New York made sure to come out on top on draft night. Sarah Fillier joined New York as the first overall pick and what the majority consider the best player of this draft class. Fillier shared that this decision “feels like a bit of a homecoming” given that she had played for Princeton University, amounting 93 goals and 193 points in 120 games. She shared her excitement to help build the team’s foundation and continue to make fans proud. 

Ottawa’s first pick, Danielle Serdachny, had previously been playing at Colgate University with 21 goals and 38 assists this past year and scored the overtime-winning goal for Canada at the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey Women's World Championship. Serdachny has had a very special experience joining Ottawa, as now she gets to play with her childhood best friend, Stephanie Markowski, who was drafted by the team in round four. It’s been shared that the two have been playing since they were four years old and even won the gold medal for Team Alberta together during the 2019 Canada Games. 

The Walter Cup champions had a rough draft that started with fans booing head coach Ken Klee and continued in the second round when the team chose a player some were less than supportive of. The team’s first pick, Claire Thompson, took some time off while attending medical school, but admitted her “sights have been set on continuing to play professional hockey during this period of [her] life.” Prior to her break, Thompson played for Princeton University, collecting 39 goals during her four years with the team. 

Forward Hannah Bilka went fourth to Boston and was the first American pick of the draft. Like Fillier, Bilka might be experiencing a bit of that homecoming feeling. She played four seasons at Boston College before transferring to Ohio State, where she finished off her NCAA career with 22 goals and 48 points in 39 games, as well as earning a national championship title with her team. 

Following Boston’s lead, Montreal picked Cayla Barnes, the second American to be drafted and another Boston College turned Ohio State player. In her single season at OSU, Barnes recorded 36 points in 39 games and assisted on the championship-winning goal. 

Big-time scorer and Toronto’s first pick, Julia Gosling, joins the team at the perfect time with the ability to cover bases during Natalie Spooner's recovery. The five-foot-ten forward was team captain at St. Lawrence University, scoring 22 goals and 51 points her last season. Gosling’s declaration to the draft surprised many, but she says she “was ready for the next step and to join all these elite athletes and (to play) with the best of the best.”

Round 1

New York - Sarah Fillier, F

Ottawa - Danielle Serdachny, F

Minnesota - Claire Thompson, D

Boston - Hannah Bilka, F

Montreal - Cayla Barnes, D

Toronto - Julia Gosling, F

Round 2

Boston (via New York) - Daniela Pejšová, D

Ottawa - Ronja Savolainen, D

Minnesota - Britta Curl, F

New York (via Boston) - Maja Nylén Persson, D

Montreal - Jennifer Gardiner, F

Toronto - Megan Carter, D

Round 3

New York - Noora Tulus, F

Ottawa - Gwyneth Philips, G

Minnesota - Klára Hymlárová, F

New York (via Boston) - Allyson Simpson, D

Montreal - Abigail Boreen, F

Toronto - Izzy Daniel, F

Round 4

New York - Gabby Rosenthal, F

Ottawa - Stephanie Markowski, D

Minnesota - Brooke McQuigge, F

Boston - Sydney Bard, D

Montreal - Dara Greig, F

Toronto - Lauren Bernard, D 

Round 5

New York - Elle Hartje, F

Ottawa - Mannon McMahon, F

Minnesota - Dominique Petrie, F

New York (via Boston) - Kayle Osborne, G

Montreal -  Anna Wilgren, D

Toronto - Noemi Neubauerova, F

Round 6

New York - Emmy Fecteau, F

Ottawa - Anna Meixner, F

Minnesota - Mae Batherson, D

Boston - Shay Maloney, F

Montreal - Anna Kjellbin, D

Toronto - Anneke Linser, F

Round 7

Boston (via New York) - Ilona Markova, F

Ottawa - Madeline Wethington, D

Minnesota - Katy Knoll, F

Boston - Hadley Hartmetz, D

Montreal - Amanda Kessel, F

Toronto - Raygan Kirk, G

Edited by Madison Roost

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