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MLB All-Star Weekend Recap

By: Abby Decker

Edited By: Kylie Augis

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The MLB All-Star game, hosted in Seattle, Washington, had an unexpected ending. For the first time since 2012, the NL beat the AL! Elias Díaz from the Colorado Rockies hit a two-run home run at the top of the eighth, leading their team to a victory, winning 3-2. This is Díaz’s first appearance in an All-Star game at age 32. Díaz was named the most valuable player of the All-Star game, which meant a lot to him and his family. 47,159 fans showed up at the T-Mobile stadium which made the atmosphere electric. Many players commented about the energy and how much more fun it made the game.

Courtesy of Steph Chambers, Getty Images

As for the Home-Run Derby, there was some crazy talent brought to the plate, which led to many records and first-time moments. First off, all of the contestants combined broke the record for the number of home runs in the challenge, hitting 341 home runs and crushing the previous record of 312 in 2019. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. won this year, and his dad won the Derby in 2007, so this was the first time to have a father-son Home Run Derby Champion duo. Guerrero also set the record for the most home runs in the final round by hitting 25, while also becoming the first Blue Jays player to win it.

What stood out to me before the conclusion of the Derby was Julio Rodríguez’s performance in the opening round. He beat the opening round record of the Derby by hitting 41 homeruns. I remember watching this moment at the beach with my family and friends and we were in such awe watching him repeatedly crushing ball after ball. Playing for Seattle and being in his home and city definitely made it more special for him and his fans. He ended up getting eliminated by Guerrero, though.

Courtesy of Jayne Kamiin-Oncea, USA TODAY Sports

This weekend included a lot of record-breaking moments, even more than I mentioned in this article. It is always interesting to see what talent comes each year and how much further players can raise the bar!

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